The 7 Life Sessions

WOYN is a guide on how you can plan your own course (no matter what stage you are in during your journey) so that you can be successful at Working on Your Now. It is meant for you to take ownership of what WOYN means to you, what WOYN looks like to you, and how you will embrace your WOYN.

So, GET READY for the journey. SET yourself up for high expectations. We’ve developed seven phases to get you started. Now, let’s GO and start Working on Your Now!

  • Session 1: Your FREE Discovery Session

    The Journey Starts From Within – During this introduction to WOYN, we discuss how each one of us is born with a purpose. This phase touches on how some of us find our purpose early on, and some later in life, and how others may never experience finding it. We answer the questions on why there are disparities among people who find their purpose early and why others take longer. You will understand why some people seemingly are able to move through life so purposefully, while others seem to bob and weave or miss their target altogether. This initial phase is a starting point. It is meant to get you thinking about where you are Now in your life and where you see yourself ending up at the end of your journey. The phase is a free and will help guide you where you in your Now and give you direction on where you would like to end up.

    WOYN will email you 2 days of homework that will include:

    • Finding your purpose
    • Understanding what it will take to live your purpose
    • Making a strategy to get you to your purpose
  • Session 2: Your Reality Check

    Finding What Your “It” Is and Recognizing “It” – This portion of WOYN discusses how it feels to be different sometimes. We encourage uniqueness and we teach you how to recognize the inner voices that are calling you to your purpose. This phase helps you to not only recognize what your “It” is, but to also embrace “It.  We like to call your It, your intuitive talent. This portion of the program also talks about taking risks and what can happen when people don’t follow the traditional path of what “they think” is expected of them.

    It assists you in getting used to having a change in direction and not being fearful of the unknown. We also recognize that everyone’s “It” is different. For example, not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. Some people are inventors, writers, volunteers, or just want to have more time doing what they love. WOYN will help you tap into your “It” and capture the excitement of what your “It” is and what to do with your “It” when you finally find it.

  • Session 3: You Are Setting Your Course

    Next Steps – This portion of WOYN discusses how it feels to be different sometimes. We encourage uniqueness and we teach you how to recognize the inner voices that are calling you to your purpose. (Please note that some topics are based on religious beliefs.) * WOYN will customize the topics according to your needs. (Please note that some topics are based on religious beliefs.)* WOYN will customize the topics according to your needs. Next steps include the following:

    • You are your plan.
    • Recognize the messages you are sending out about yourself.
    • Karma – whatever you send out will come back to you.
    • The importance of accepting and approving yourself.
    • What you think is your greatest liability can be your greatest asset.
    • *God can use you with your limitations.
    • Your weaknesses do not have to hold you back.
    • *Stop focusing on what you are not and focus on what God says you are!
    • Start acknowledging everything good about you.
    • *Become favor-minded.
  • Session 4: You Have Decided To Take The Plunge

    Preparing to Launch – Your journey has begun, and you have found your “It” and are just completing your next steps. Now, it’s time to see if you are actually ready to take your vision and turn it into a reality. WOYN will show the importance of making your purpose a part of your daily routine.

  • Session 5: You’ve Experienced A Detour

    Mistakes Happen – Yes, they do! And WOYN is ready and willing to help you see them through! Here you will discuss the wisdom that you ave gleaned through your mistakes and how misfortune can be turned into fortune. We also discuss how some mistakes are irreversible and how you can move through adversity and still be able to come out on top.

  • Session 6: You’ve Discovered The Obvious

    Creating the Opportunity – Creating an opportunity is more than just being at the right place at the right time. It’s also means being prepared when the opportunity presents itself. Now, that you know what you are meant to do with your life, are you prepared to let others know about it? We will talk about the importance of having a thirty- second pitch ready at all times.

    Topics of discussion also include networking and netweaving and how they are very different and advantageous. We also discuss how to market yourself (both online and offline), and help them develop the right materials that are necessary in order to be prepared to take advantage of your next opportunity.

  • Session 7: You are Closer Than You Think

    Be Diligent and Stay the Course – In other words, WOYN will show our participants how to keep it moving! Just because you have found your purpose doesn’t mean that it’s going to be clear sailing from here on out. There are still going to be swift winds that may knock you off your feet, and rough waters that may keep you under for a while.

    WOYN will show participants on how to get a raft, a life boat or swim with the tide in order to keep things moving while they are working on their now. The important lesson is to learn how to remain diligent to your purpose and stay the course. After all, you are finally doing what you are meant to be doing!