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Does your reputation precede you?

I recently read a New York Times article written by a fervent and constant critic of the current Presidential Administration. But while comparing it to the current roster of candidates vying for the office this year — the acerbic tone of their campaigns and the vitriol they spew at each other — he went on […]

What are you giving up?

This week many people set their focus on the beginnings of the Lenten season – a time for fasting and introspection, a time for focusing on one’s religion and relationship with the Divine. It begins on Ash Wednesday and covers a period of approximately six weeks before Easter Sunday. Additionally, many try to be more […]

It’s Time to Fire Ima!

Who is Ima? Ima is that friend in your head. Ima also is the one you treat as your scapegoat. You refer to Ima often when you exclaim things like, “Ima lose five pounds,” or when you say, “Ima de-clutter the junk drawer one day.” You put her in control of your projects when you […]

Maybe Now Is the Time to Become More Spiritual

Maybe Now Is the Time to Become More Spiritual. You have probably heard others speak on being ‘spiritual’ or being focused on developing their ‘spirituality,’ but exactly what does the term mean and how can it enhance your life? While there is no single, widely agreed upon definition of spirituality, scholars tend to define it […]

Planting Seeds of Success

In a small kindergarten class in Anytown, USA, a bright-eyed child carefully scrawls her name on a Dixie Cup, fills it full of moist soil, eagerly inserts three beans, and carefully places it on the windowsill near the teacher’s desk. For the next few days she takes turns with the watering can, and watches with […]

What Keeps You Going?

Get fit! Stay active! Eat right! Meditate! Floss! Magazines covers, talk show hosts, news reporters, fitness experts, TV and radio airwaves, even articles posted on social media all are screaming at you to eat better and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Current reports inform us we should exercise five days a week for at least 30 […]