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Two Questions

Happy New Year! I am personally and professionally on an “improvement quest.” I’m trying day-by-day to get just a little bit better. I cannot make the grand gesture, implement the […]

Financial Habits

“We are what we repeatedly do.” ~ Aristotle   I am obsessed (at the moment) with habits – understanding them, creating them, breaking them, and using them to fuel my […]

What Gets Maximized?

I read one of Seth Godin’s blogs that asked that question. I thought it was a pretty good one. In our lives, what gets maximized? When we spend our time, […]

It’s Half-Time

Just like that, in what seems the blink of eye, 2018 is half over. We’ve hit halftime of our year and like any good football fan knows, halftime can make […]

I’m Glad I Can Cry

“I’m so glad that I can cry in front of my advisor,” a client told me recently. Of course, you can cry! Laugh, rage, pound the table if you want. […]

Change is in the Air

Tax change, that is. My last post went through the basics of your tax return. I want to stick with the tax topic for one more week to give you […]

Spring has Sprung

As we skip into springtime, we turn our attention to cleaning up our yards and our houses, getting rid of the dead plants and leaves outside, airing out the house, […]