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Where Are You (Financially)?

Last week, we worked through some spring cleaning for your financial house so now let’s take a look at where you are in your financial life. What do you have and what do you owe? Those are the questions and the bottom line answer to your net worth. More about net worth in a bit. […]

Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring cleaning was an annual event at my house when I was a kid. The whole family had to dedicate “as much time as it took” on a Saturday to clean the house, top to bottom. I hated the process but I have to admit, it gave me such a feeling of freshness and renewal. […]

Money Stress!

There is no stress like money stress. The anxiety, fear, or dread that you feel when your money world is out-of-whack is the most uncomfortable and frightening feeling! It connects deeply to our survival instinct and our need to feel safe. But it also taps into our social fears: what would others think? I must […]

Financial Feelings

We often don’t make the connection between our feelings and our finances but emotion is what is driving most of our actions around money. “I want” and “I need” drive spending and those desires come from our feelings. Sometimes it is a feeling of emptiness, sometimes it is a feeling of lack or inadequacy, sometimes […]