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New Year – Now What?

Happy New Year! It’s 2019. Cheers! Here’s to the New Year and New Beginnings! For some of us, we stayed up til midnight to see the New Year come in, and others stayed up to make sure that the old year went away! Each year we have the same amount of days. It’s 365 days no […]

Patience Without Judgement

As I sat in the hospital lobby, I looked around and noticed that there were some people who were sleeping, some were working on their computer while others were talking on their phone. There was also a woman who was incessantly talking to her adult son while showing him pictures on her cell phone (which […]

Perfecting the Imposter

I love watching videos on social media. The problem is that when I watch them I always say I’m going to only watch one and then I end up getting pulled into another one. The next thing I know 30 minutes have elapsed and I have watched not one — but 10 videos! One of […]

Time’s Up!

If you haven’t seen the hashtags that flooded social media and the news headlines surrounding Oprah’s rousing speech she gave at the Golden Globe Awards in January, then you may really need to take more time to Work on Your Now! Not only is  NOW  the time for women in 2018 but also in 2020!  […]

Plan Your Now!

Is 2018 the time for you to reassess and make positive moves toward Working on Your Now?  If your plans have ever been placed on hold due to a setback you’ve experienced, goal planning can become very challenging.  When this happens, you have to strengthen your peace of mind until your plan comes to fruition. […]

Work on Your Now in 2018!

Trust, Grow and Let Go, is Working on Your Now’s Mantra for 2018!  I wish I could take credit for putting these words together, but I can’t!  But, I do believe that when we allow ourselves to be still and open to possibilities, the direction that we’ve been seeking will eventually come! Everyone needs words […]

Still Thankful?

Now, that Thanksgiving day has passed and the calendar is moving forward toward Christmas, have you maintained your gratefulness or did it go away at 12:01 a.m. on November 24 when the holiday ended? For many, Thanksgiving is a day to reflect upon all of the things that you have had and taken for granted, […]

Are you are off the grid?

Are you feeling like you know you should be somewhere else, yet you stay right where you are?  You feel stuck but you aren’t quite sure how to move forward? Whether it’s a relationship, a job or even exercise, getting stuck happens to the best of us. But, while getting stuck might be inevitable, staying stuck […]