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Not my circus, Not my monkeys!

It’s okay to know what you DON’T WANT. However, it’s also important to intentionally shift your thinking to what you DO WANT because believe it or not, the thoughts and words that we choose to express ourselves will gradually shape the core of our identity and destiny. This can be very powerful when you think […]

Who You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You!

How did that last job interview go? Or better yet, how many jobs have you applied for online and you haven’t heard a reply back? Does it seem as if you were rejected as soon as you hit the send button? What you don’t know about the post-interview process CAN hurt you. So, listen up. […]

Shut ‘Em Down!

  Karma. I love it! Especially when I’m fortunate enough to see it come back around to someone who deserves it.   The funny thing about karma is that you don’t know where or when it will come back. But, if you are lucky enough to witness it, it’s the best front seat to have while […]

Are you God?

Of course you are not.  But, some people act as if they are.  These are the people who act as if they are above reproach. They  always seem to find fault in everyone else. They love to connect themselves with people who may not be on their same socioeconomic level so they can be looked […]

What is Your Imprint?

I’m not typically the person who leads the conversation in politics. As a matter of fact, if I feel that it’s going to cause an upset or argument among people I’m with, I will avoid it. Why? Because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and me getting worked up to try and prove my […]