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To be Fit or be in Fashion

Working out is a passion for some and a pain for others.  The passion for some is what drives them every day.  You know them. They wake up before the sun comes out, put on their bright sports garments, (so no one will run them over with their vehicle in the dark). And just like […]

Would You Give IT ALL UP?

Would you quit your job, sell your  car, your home and all of  the rest of your belongings –if it meant that you could live the life you have always wanted to live?  Does this sound freeing to you or stressful?  What a wonderful feeling it would be to unburden ourselves from the pressures of […]

Tweaking to Your Demise

I just finished a conversation with an artist. He is very talented. He makes beautiful jewelry and creates music.  The problem is no one knows he exists outside his network.  When I asked him what he was doing to promote his craft, he said, “Well, I’m still tweaking it and then I will get it […]

Are You Being You?

I recently did a talk with  a group of young adults on the topic: Balancing  Careers, Family and Fun!  I told them that I was the “poster child” for this topic because I have been balancing these three things for as long as I can remember. I shared my experiences from when I had my  […]