The Total You Luncheon

Keynote speaker and Chief Now Officer of WOYN shares her story on some of the challenges she encountered while working with publishers, and why libraries are so important. Her topic will be Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. She will also share her thoughts on how women should start to think about what their NOW is and how to get started!

Career Busters

Working in corporate America can have its advantages. There are health benefits, 401ks, a steady pay check, room for advancement, training, and if you are fortunate — an attainable career path.

However, what is interesting is that employees often times forget that they are just that – employees. Many employees get too comfortable and forget that they are- dispensable. In fact, as long as you work for someone else , they have the power to retain you or release you. So, if you like what you do (and even if you don’t) and need to stay employed, here are some tips to help you keep your job instead of losing it when you least expect it.

Bad Attitudes – This really needs no explanation, but for those who may need a reminder, here it is: you are being paid to perform. No one is paying you to complain or have an attitude that clouds you and the people in your work environment. If you find that every time you go to your job and are in a bad mood, than you either need to find a new job or a way to turn your negative disposition into a more positive one. You will be amazed at how far a positive attitude can take you. The right attitude may even extend your job stay when it comes down to the decision of who is going to be laid off first, or fired. Staying positive can be very contagious, especially in a difficult work environment. So, the next time you feel a bad attitude coming on, try to think of something that will help turn your attitude around. For some, it might just be imagining being without a job! So, get it together and don’t let your poor attitude be the determining factor that gets you out of the door before you are ready!
Trusting Co-workers – There is a saying that goes like this: never let your right hand know what your left hand is doing. In other words, if you are not ready for some information to go out about you, then please keep it to yourself. There is nothing worse than telling a co-worker a secret ie: you are looking for another job; someone in the office is getting fired; or worse – spreading a rumor that you heard and it all points back to you. Unless you have been personal friends with someone for years (and even sometimes good friend’s tongues may slip occasionally). It is best to keep secrets a secret! If you don’t, then be prepared to suffer the consequence as being labeled as untrustworthy or the office gossiper.

Lazy Fridays – We love this day because it means that the weekend is definitely here! Right? Wrong! It’s still a work day.The week END starts Saturday. Remember, most people work five days a week? And yes, Friday is also one of those days. This is typically the day where people dress down, and sometimes may not be as productive because most people are counting the hours left on the clock until their work day is over. And while you are counting the hours down, don’t think for one minute that your boss is not watching you count down EVERY Friday and keeping a count on how often you do this. You may think no one is paying attention. But, believe this: there is always someone who is keeping tabs and is waiting for just the right moment to share it. So, stay focused on Friday. It can be difficult. But, unless you have been given the time off or the culture is okay with a Lazy Friday, then it’s time for you to start working like it’s Monday!

Pals with the boss – I’m not saying it can’t work. I’m just saying that unless the boss was a personal friend of yours before you got hired, be careful! Again, you are still an employee who works for the boss. So, if you think that getting closer to the boss will help you get that promotion by slipping confidential information to him about other co-workers, then think about this: Would you trust someone who was always talking about other people to you? If they talk about others so freely, what makes you think they would not say the same thing about you? Don’t throw anyone under the bus, especially to your boss. One day the boss might be driving that same bus that someone through you under!

Getting too comfortable – Talking too much and working too little, is getting too comfortable. Unless you have something in writing that states that no matter what you you will have a job for life, then you better do the job that you were hired to do.

If you haven’t already started, then begin today by creating a standard of excellence. Maintain that level of professionalism that got you the job in the first place. Be an example for others, and always set your standards high. Remember, the job is not promised to you. So, assume that it is yours until you do something that no longer deems you worthy of keeping it. – In other words stay uncomfortable. Stay awake, be alert and wait till you get home to sit back, relax and put your feet up!

Not staying engaged – Are you keeping your skills up to date and requesting training that you may need to become more proficient in your workplace? Do you uphold the company’s standards? Are you proactive in meetings or just there in body only? If you have answered NO to ANY of these questions then you may want to re-evaluate your position with your job. If you want to keep it, start figuring out ways that you can help your company’s bottom line. Take more initiative in meetings or being active in special projects. Sometimes when you do things outside of your regular job description, you are able to showcase a skillset that managers or other co- workers didn’t know that you had. Who knows, this “secret weapon” could be your entry into a new job assignment or promotion.

Paying attention to warning signs – We all have feelings that make us feel uncomfortable. Some people choose to ignore it, and others choose to listen to their gut. If you are in a situation where you are seeing a lot of turn- over and or disgruntled employees, these are true signs of deep rooted issues that you should not be ignored. Don’t walk around with your head in the sand and be afraid to inquire about the rumblings that you are hearing. It’s good to be proactive and it’s also good to see if there is a way that you might be able to assist in changing an uncomfortable work environment. Maybe you have an idea that will help the department thrive. If you are aware of some issues that you think you can help resolve within your department, speak up! But, if you don’t think that anything that you say or do will change things positively then you need to make a decision about your own well-being and job security. Whatever that decision is, you have to be able to live with it and feel secure in knowing that you made the right one.

What I’m present to today ….

Go for it! Get out of your comfort zone! I’m reflecting today on how I came to be in the wellness fitness industry. First I want to reveal that I love what I do. I get to teach and inspire people to work to be a better version of themselves. I teach many movement formats, from dance to yoga. It’s not something I got a degree in or thought I wanted to do when I graduated. I just gravitated to it all my life. My career came to be from being present to what I love to do, how I want to spend my time and how I want to contribute to my community. It’s possible for all of us I believe.

My NOW happend over a period of time in 2004-2007. I was practicing yoga in a great studio in Dallas, TX, Yogasport, in a pose that was quiet and I finally listened to what I wanted to do. All I did was STOP moving and thinking and START listening to me. I heard things in my heart about how I was not fulfilled in my current career. My work began as I peeled back the layers of feelings and rules to reveal my natural talents and desires. I started my own company focusing on wellness and training. I’m forever grateful for Yogasport and the coupon for a free yoga class that took me there.

Fast forward to today. I met Lori in 2013 and was so inspired by her “Working on Your Now” movement that of course I wanted to support her to empower women to find their ultimate potential. I too believe we all have this amazing possibility inside us. Lori believed in me. She challenged me to take my next step which was to host Wellness Retreats. I needed to stop talking about it and just do it. She tipped me over the edge to go for it. Today, I also lead Wellness Retreats. You can find my next retreat at on September 26-28th in Mineola, TX . I recommend you get started today working on your NOW. Time is precious. Go for it.

FOCUS – Follow One’s Course Until Successful

I’ve listened to people give different versions of advice on how to focus.  For example, I’ve heard things like the following:

Eat healthy because a healthy diet will help keep you focused.

Get your rest and plenty of sleep because deprivation of sleep will not allow you to stay focused.

Keep your mind clear so that you are able to actively think about what your are focusing on.

Pretty straight forward and good advice, right? Well, I thought so until I saw another  angle regarding focus. It’s great to follow the above  steps on how to get focused, but the way you remain focused is by being unflappable,  motivated , persistent  and able to continue to  persevere even in times of uncertainty.

If you are clear– and I mean absolutely clear on what your focus is, then you need to continue your FOCUS, or in other words Follow One’s Course Until Successful.

It’s so easy to get distracted and lose focus. But, when you are unflappable, you are staying in control of your focus. When you are motivated, you are self energized and able to maintain your focus even when others around you are not. When your are persistent, you are relentless in your focus and refuse to become distracted.When you  persevere you stay the course;you don’t waiver and you keep your eye on your goal.

Staying focused is not always easy, but it is possible. Learn how what steps are needed for you to stay FOCUSED and then Follow One’s Course Until Successful!

WOYN TIP: You must remain focused on your journey to greatness. ~ Les Brown, motivational speaker and author

WOYN Author Luncheon

Keynote speaker and Chief Now Officer of WOYN shares her story on some of the challenges she encountered while working with publishers, and why libraries are so important. Her topic will be Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. She will also share her thoughts on how women should start to think about what their NOW is and how to get started!

I wonder should I follow my passion… Or just stay at my job?

How many of us have asked ourselves this same question, but are too afraid to say it out loud?

You know that you know what your passion is, but you are afraid to step out and act on it because the timing isn’t right. Or because your circumstances dictate that you need to be getting a consistent paycheck from a job that you know you should have left years ago.

If you are one of these people who are in the closet making this statement to yourself, it might be time for you to come out and say it out loud.  Many of us know exactly what we should be doing. If you are one of the lucky ones, you figured it out early and you have been pleased with your choice from day one.
However, for many people, it’s a process. Some of us eventually make it to our passion albeit the long way or the indecisive way. But, ultimately we end up exactly where we are supposed to be. For some, they never get there. They are looking at others around them doing what they only wish they had the courage to do.

Which one are you? Are you doing what you know you are supposed to doing ? Or are you stuck in “just a job”?

: Don’t ever get too comfortable. Change your circumstances before someone else changes them for you. Figure out what you are really supposed to be doing with your life and get working on it today. Because as we all know, tomorrow is not promised .