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Is Your Network Really Your Net Worth?


Have you ever met someone who had a base of followers on social media that made you wish you could buy their secret sauce, and learn how you too could be an Online Superstar?

Well, I have – on more times than I can count. But, one person in particular struck me as a little odd. She had a lot of followers, shares and likes, but she couldn’t keep her customers long enough to sustain her business.

How was that possible I thought? It was intriguing. I asked her why this was a challenge. Her response: “I’m really good at engaging people online, but once I convert them to a customer (she had a brick and mortar store front), it’s not easy to keep them engaged into coming back into the store.”

Huh? That was mind boggling to me! How could someone who had gained all of this popularity on social media and who is able to get her fans and followers into her store, not be able to convert them over as long time customers?

That’s when I had my AHA moment! People who are successful in business typically are in business because their passion speaks louder than anything else. Often times, passion outweighs our common sense and our ability to think outside of our own realm.

This woman’s gift was her ability to interact and engage online and actually bring people into her store locally. But, she only had one store and her fans and followers were worldwide. She was missing out on a huge population of the world just by being a single entity and it was indeed impacting her net worth. Her network that consisted of tens of thousands people did not add up to sales in business.

The solution was easy: She needed to go to where her audience was. So she turned that brick and mortar store into an online store, expanded her sales beyond her local area, and began marketing to the world!

What about you? Does your network measure up to your net worth? Are you looking everywhere accept the obvious to have your network and net worth be in sync?

Remember, your network can be very telling and can also leave you with a lot of questions. Now, it’s your job to go out and seek the answers.