Do You Have A USP? If Not, You Better Go Out and Get One!

As I’m writing this post, I am thinking about the time when I had my advertising and public relations agency  and I was always asked the question: “What is your company’s USP (unique selling proposition)?”   In other words, what made my company stand out from all of the  other thousands of agencies that were out there? Personally, I hated to be asked that. It seemed so trite, but as a business owner I knew there was a lot  of competition. Therefore I also knew that I better have a really good answer as to what was my company’s USP .

The same questions that are posed to business owners should be asked to those who are seeking a new job,  selling a service, a product, or  who have an interest in being recognized for an achievement or talent.

What makes you different? Why would someone hire you instead of someone else? What makes your product or service so special  to the point where someone wants to buy from you instead of your competitor? If you know the answer than you are a lot farther ahead than a lot of people. But, if you don’t have a clue, there is no time like the present  to get one!

The Same Yet Different

What makes Lady Ga Ga or Beyonce stand out? They are both singers, right? And they are both females with a powerful voice.  However, each of these ladies has her own unique style. Whether you like or dislike these  celebrities, there is one thing that they both have and that’s a USP. You have one too. We all do. It may just take some longer than others to figure it out.

Who Is Really In That Mirror?

Go Deep. Look at yourself from all different angles. If you want to find your USP, you have to to take a long hard look and ask yourself: What makes you, you? What stands out about you that no one else has? What do you find that is attractive about yourself, and what do you absolutely love about you? Write down your thoughts. Some may do better by making a lists; others may do better by writing in a journal. It doesn’t matter what process you use. You just have do what works for you.

Ask the Posse

If you still don’t know how to get started, ask someone. But, don’t just ask anyone. Use some discretion. This may sound like common sense, but I have seen people ask the wrong people for advice and that’s exactly what they  received: the wrong advice. Remember,not everyone has your best interest at heart and not everyone wants to see you be successful.  That’s why it’s important to maintain what I like to call a “posse.”  The posse are my go to people. It’s a small circle of friends or family whom I can count on to tell me the truth. I can ask them what they like about me and they will be honest. I can ask them what are my strengths vs. my weaknesses and I feel confident that they are telling me the truth (whether I like it or not). It’s okay if you don’t have a posse. But, there should be someone other than yourself whom you can talk to.

Accept and Receive

Sometimes, the truth hurts and other times it can set you free. But,trying to navigate to the core of what makes you special is something worth taking the time out to do. Do you believe that you were created for a purpose? Is there anyone else on this earth who is exactly like you? The answer should be obvious. No! Because we are all unique. We all have something special that makes us stand out from the rest. The challenge is for you to find out what your USP is and when you do, go out and do something with it!

WOYN TIP: Finding your USP will put you that much closer to defining your purpose.  Make it a priority.You maybe closer than you realize.