When is the Last Time You Checked Your Temperature?

Contrary to  the above picture,  I’m not talking about checking your temperature with a thermometer. What I’m talking about is your attitude.  When was the last time you allowed something to get you so upset that your temperature was boiling? Do you remember what triggered it? Was it something or someone?  Whatever the case, how did you respond? What was the end result?

Many of us have heard this before: Your attitude can make you or break you. However, there are still some of us who do not practice this premise nor understand the power of it.  I can remember when I used to work for a major airline. I used to sell their internal advertising.  One day, my vice president walked up to me and said, “Lori, you are always smiling. Every time I see you, you have such a positive attitude.”

The funny thing was that I didn’t even realize I was being perceived that way. I wasn’t particularly head over heels about the job I was doing. However, I enjoyed the perks and flexibility that came with it. It also helped that I was very good at my job, too!  But, ironically, I had actually taken the job hoping that it would eventually help me land in another division of the company! That never panned out. LOL

I also knew that more than likely I wasn’t going to be  someone who eventually retired from this company, but in the meantime, I stayed positive about the pluses of the job and didn’t  give in to the minuses.

My positive  attitude and my way of  thinking eventually launched my first business.  I had one of the top major airlines in the industry as my client. Here was the kicker: As a business owner, I made my yearly salary of what I was making as an employee in only three months. Yes! I would be lying if I didn’t admit that my attitude become even more likeable after this revelation.

So, do you get where I’m going with this? Check yourself. Take a temperature check of your work place and even home environment and see how people view you.  Are you viewed as someone who is difficult to get along with, or someone that is well respected and people want to look out for you?

I ended up having that airline as a client for ten years. Although I no longer have my advertising company, thanks to that airline,  I procured a lot of other major clients and have maintained some great relationships along the way.

Had it not been for what was perceived as a positive attitude and smile, who knows how things could have ended up for me. Luckily for me,I knew how to keep my temperature in check!

WOYN TIP:Take a temperature check to determine whether or not  your attitude is helping you or hindering you on where you want to go.  If it’s hindering you, change it to benefit you. If it’s helping you, share your attitude with others so you can help them, help themselves.