Uncover Your Now!

Are you someone who likes to be in control? What happens when your plans don’t go the way you want them to? Remember, you cannot control the outcome of everything. But, you can remain flexible.

Believe it or not, sometimes things are not as difficult as they may appear. If you take a step back and evaluate where you are and where you are trying to go, you may find that the answers that you have searching for are right in front of you!

Answer the questions below and see if you have possibilities that you may not have uncovered yet.

  1. Am I making the most out of my opportunities, or taking them for granted that they will always be there?
  2. Do I think I have had or I am having an experience that can lead to an opportunity?
  3. Do I recognize an opportunity when I see one, and can the opportunity lead me to my purpose?

More Ways to Uncover…

Enlist Help  – Get some assistance to help you stay accountable to make sure you stay on task. Yes, you can do whatever you set your mind to do. But, the task can be a whole lot smoother and easier when you have someone else to help and encourage you.

Be Flexible – Change is inevitable.  We may not always like it, but we must learn to embrace it. Understand that flexibility is the key to having a  successful plan.

Walk the Talk – Saying one thing and doing something else is counterproductive.  You may think it sounds impressive when you constantly talk about what you want. But, when others realize that you’ve been saying the same thing for years and have not progressed toward action, you lose creditability.

In 2018 practice what you preach.  Don’t just walk to walk. Get direction and map out where you’re going.  Don’t just talk the talk.  Listen. Learn. Speak up and speak out with intention. Lastly, put your action in front of it!

Now is definitely your time to start Working On Your Now!


Balance or Fall off!

A balanced lifestyle is simply a state of being in which one has time and energy for obligations and pleasures.  ~ Madisyn Taylor

A balanced financial life is one in which you have the money for obligations and pleasures. This is the never-ending dance of what we want versus what we need; what is right-now-in-the-moment versus what is my biggest, most important goal. I tend to slip too far on one end of the “teeter-totter” or the other too frequently. The problem with locking into too much austerity is that the caged animal (me!) eventually goes completely berserk and unleashes in a wild spree of mindless spending. “I want, I want, I want” becomes overwhelming and the spoiled brat takes charge.

The key is balance. Oh, that is a word that I am just not great at applying in my life – anywhere. I seem to love being at one end of the teeter-totter or the other. So, my behind is either in the mud or dangling precariously off the end of the board. Fine when you are 7 but less great at 50-something!

This year, I want to sit in the middle of the teeter-totter by building in the small pleasures (a monthly facial – what a treat!) and adding in just a bit more toward the obligations. I am going for a bit of this and a bit of that rather than all or nothing. I am programming myself to think of my monthly facial every time the brat in me wants, wants, wants. “Do you want this or that, little 4-year-old self? Pick one and go skipping off happy and satisfied.”

Yes, I want my financial state of being to be one in which my spoiled brat and my task-master are both co-existing together, quietly, maybe on a blanket, under a nice tree, far, far away from the teeter-totter.

To your financial success (and balance),


There is suspicious activity on your MasterCard in the amount of $99.99 at Target. If this is your valid charge, press 1, if not press 2. “Hmmm, not mine,” I think as I sit on the deck in the afternoon sun. Turns out, it was not my husband’s either. “Ya, I got hacked today. They charged $99.99 on my Visa as well.” Yikes! (FYI, if you are a hacker or credit card thief, be aware that $100 is apparently not the magic threshold for the credit card companies. Lucky for us.)

Identify theft, credit card theft, hacking, ransomware, the list goes on and on with all that you have to be aware of and nervous about. What got Tom was a click on the “Where are They Now” pop up for child actors. (I am pretty sure I have clicked through those pix in a moment of procrastination myself!) Up came a demand to pay up or they were going to sell his credit card to thieves around the internet. We aren’t exactly sure how they were able to get the card numbers (not stored in a browser) but apparently they did get those two.

What now?

I am no security expert but I do help my clients on occasion when their virtual reality becomes their actual reality, and they have to try to undo the damage from a random click. Plus, I am in the process of doing all of this stuff, too! Here are a few things to get in place if that happens:

  • Understand your Credit Monitoring Service: If you have something in place (LifeLock or one of the many that have come up from all of the data breaches), understand your responsibilities, how it works, and what you need to do. Usually, you must review “credit alerts” and respond if the activity is not yours. Do that. Every. Single. Time.
    • Have their contact number in your phone and keep your log-in info in your usual password “safe place” so that you log-in right away.
    • Understand if they will do credit agency notifications in the event of lost or stolen card numbers.
  • Call the bank and Credit Card Companies: As a result of my “pressing 2,” my card company contacted me, ran through the list of recent of charges to eliminate the fraudulent ones, and ordered me new cards. Boom!
    • If they don’t do that, you contact them. You can put them on alert for fraud without canceling if you are unsure whether your account has been compromised.
  • Credit Agencies:
    • Freeze Your Credit: This locks down your credit and the agencies will not release your credit to anyone (including your valid credit application!) If you plan to refinance your house, rent an apartment, co-sign student loans, or get the discount deal at your local department store for getting their credit card, then this is not right for you. You have to unfreeze your credit, apply, and then refreeze.
      • This might be great for your kids or college students! Many identity thieves target young kids knowing that it may be years before they are old enough to check their credit.
    • Place a Fraud Alert: For 90 days, anyone pulling your credit has to verify your identity. This can help stop instances of new credit being issued fraudulently but will not prevent access on your existing credit.
    • For more info, go to this site regarding credit freeze . To place such an alert or a freeze, contact one of the credit agencies.
  • Monitor your bank and credit card activity: Log-in regularly and scan the charges. Alert the credit card company immediately. (You can dispute a charge online but do follow up with a call to cancel the card and get a new one issued.)
    • Remember to contact companies that auto-bill your credit card each month. Health clubs, cell phone, utilities, etc. Scan the prior month’s charges and start logging in to change the card number. You don’t want to suddenly see late fees when the card declines!
  • Run virus scans and malware scans on your PC immediately: Next Gen Secure Web Gateway says your anti-virus and other malware tools should detect any software that the hacker may have installed. Contact your computer tech if you feel unsure or want a pro to take a look. It will be worth the price just in peace-of-mind.

The good news is that this is a common occurrence now and companies are ready to work through it. (I guess that is also the bad news!) Regardless, be careful out there! And really, you don’t need to know where those child actors are now. Perhaps just play solitaire instead.

To your financial success (and safety!),


Is Your Network Really Your Net Worth?


Have you ever met someone who had a base of followers on social media that made you wish you could buy their secret sauce, and learn how you too could be an Online Superstar?

Well, I have – on more times than I can count. But, one person in particular struck me as a little odd. She had a lot of followers, shares and likes, but she couldn’t keep her customers long enough to sustain her business.

How was that possible I thought? It was intriguing. I asked her why this was a challenge. Her response: “I’m really good at engaging people online, but once I convert them to a customer (she had a brick and mortar store front), it’s not easy to keep them engaged into coming back into the store.”

Huh? That was mind boggling to me! How could someone who had gained all of this popularity on social media and who is able to get her fans and followers into her store, not be able to convert them over as long time customers?

That’s when I had my AHA moment! People who are successful in business typically are in business because their passion speaks louder than anything else. Often times, passion outweighs our common sense and our ability to think outside of our own realm.

This woman’s gift was her ability to interact and engage online and actually bring people into her store locally. But, she only had one store and her fans and followers were worldwide. She was missing out on a huge population of the world just by being a single entity and it was indeed impacting her net worth. Her network that consisted of tens of thousands people did not add up to sales in business.

The solution was easy: She needed to go to where her audience was. So she turned that brick and mortar store into an online store, expanded her sales beyond her local area, and began marketing to the world!

What about you? Does your network measure up to your net worth? Are you looking everywhere accept the obvious to have your network and net worth be in sync?

Remember, your network can be very telling and can also leave you with a lot of questions. Now, it’s your job to go out and seek the answers.

Hate to fail? Then you will never succeed

Did you watch the NBA play-offs? Even if you are not a basketball fan, like me, you know that the Cleveland Cavaliers won. If you didn’t know – and are reading this post–you know now. LeBron James and his teammates proved that it’s not how you start out, but it’s where you finish. The result? The biggest comeback in NBA Finals history to knock off the Golden State Warriors and deliver Cleveland its first professional sports title in 52 years.

Fifty-two years? Wow! It took over a half of a century to earn an NBA title. What in the world was going on with the team for the past 51 years? The answer: Failure. I read the story. There were a lot of great times and a lot of failures. They were some great coaches and not so great coaches. But in the end, all of those years of losing the NBA title and tasting the bitter taste of failure finally led them to the sweet taste of success.

In many ways, many of our stories are like the Cleveland Cavaliers. We work really hard to do the things that society tells us we should do. We think we have the right team in place and we are confident in our ow abilities and our decisions. That combination alone makes us sometimes feel like failure is not option. We have our own playbook for our professional lives. And just like NBA coaches, when things don’t work, we reevaluate. We draft new members, expand our team, hire and fire new personnel, trade-in our old tactics for new ones and sometimes we still never get our happy ending.

Let me be clear. I am not a sports fan. So this is not an endorsement for LeBron James. But, I do admire his playbook and I think we can all take a page from it. No matter what people think of LeBron, he thinks more of himself. No matter how many cynics there are out there that tell him he can’t, he believes that he can. The difference between a winner and loser is that no matter how many times a person loses; he never gives up until he wins. A loser will always be a winner as long as they never take on a defeatist attitude. A winner will eventually lose when they forget that winning does not come easy and they become passé about the work that it took to become a winner in the first place.

If we pause and think about all of the basketball greats, every last one of them has experienced failure. One quote in particular is one that I really admire by Michael Jordan: I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.

So, the next time you deem yourself a failure, remember that no one becomes successful without it. So fail away! Your success is probably closer than you think! Let’s just hope it doesn’t take 52 years!

I wonder should I follow my passion… Or just stay at my job?

How many of us have asked ourselves this same question, but are too afraid to say it out loud?

You know that you know what your passion is, but you are afraid to step out and act on it because the timing isn’t right. Or because your circumstances dictate that you need to be getting a consistent paycheck from a job that you know you should have left years ago.

If you are one of these people who are in the closet making this statement to yourself, it might be time for you to come out and say it out loud.  Many of us know exactly what we should be doing. If you are one of the lucky ones, you figured it out early and you have been pleased with your choice from day one.
However, for many people, it’s a process. Some of us eventually make it to our passion albeit the long way or the indecisive way. But, ultimately we end up exactly where we are supposed to be. For some, they never get there. They are looking at others around them doing what they only wish they had the courage to do.

Which one are you? Are you doing what you know you are supposed to doing ? Or are you stuck in “just a job”?

: Don’t ever get too comfortable. Change your circumstances before someone else changes them for you. Figure out what you are really supposed to be doing with your life and get working on it today. Because as we all know, tomorrow is not promised .