Prosperity is the alignment of your beliefs, values, and actions.

Lorri Palko & Beth Egan

This is a unique way to look at the word prosperity. It puts a different spin on it and makes prosperity that much more attainable and controllable. “Alignment” is a great word to reflect what we truly want in our lives – for everything to be synched up, moving in the same direction, and flowing. We talk about the “stars aligning” or “everything falling in to place” as a nod to order and consistency.

As I was reflecting on that quote, I have a strong sense of the power that is inherent in aligning my beliefs, my values and my actions. The power of taking control, of being in charge, and of making things happen. We don’t wait around for prosperity to find us, we create it! So, to begin creating, consider:

  • What are your beliefs about your financial abilities? Your ability to make money, use it appropriately, and accumulate wealth.
  • What are your values around your financial life? What is the most important aspect of living authentically for yourself in this area?
  • What actions can you take today, tomorrow and going forward to make sure that you are living in prosperity by aligning what you belief, what you value, and what you do?

It is rarely the “big bang,” the grand gesture, or the sudden action that brings prosperity. It is the daily activities, the million small decisions, and the commitment to align your actions completely with what you believe and value.

To your financial prosperity!


The Gift of Awareness

There is freedom that comes with awareness, because with it comes the opportunity to make a choice. Madisyn Taylor

Happy New Year! This is the fresh start, anything-is-possible time of year. Our hopes are high, and we see the potential for an amazing year. That’s why I loved the quote about awareness. For some reason, in the dawn of the new year, there is an awareness of possibility that I don’t feel as keenly at any other time of year. It is certainly available to me any time but the start of something new brings a heightened sense of awareness.

You are in the right place to make that amazing year possible for yourself. Working On Your Now is all about putting purpose and possibility into your life, regardless of the area of your life that you want to work on.

So take some time today to cultivate your own awareness of what is truly important for you in this new year. Look at the various areas of your life and describe exactly what you want from each of them. Paint the big, bright, beautiful picture of how your life will be one year from now and then start taking little steps in that direction.

For your financial life, pick just one thing to make your overarching focus this year. What is one thing that you can do to alleviate fear, dread, anxiety or stress in this area? Become aware of that one area that needs your attention and then take the opportunity to make a choice to improve it.

The dreams are in your head; the truth is in your heart; the power is in your hands. Be aware, make a choice, and take action.

To your financial (and 2017) success!

Stop Dreaming and Start Scheming

Yeah! It’s Friday and you know what I’m talking about!  You think about this day before the week even  ends on Sunday, and you count down every day until that fifth day of the week finally arrives! So Friday is here — again. Now, what are you going to  differently? You know you want something more than the 40-hour a week gig you’ve been working on for  far too long.  You’ve been imagining yourself doing something bigger and better since you started working there, but somehow life has kept getting in the way. Now, here you are _____years  later and you still aren’t where you thought you would be!

So, now is the the time for you to STOP dreaming and START scheming. That’s right.  Dreams happen when you are asleep!  And now you are in desperate need of a wake-up call.  Here are a few tips to get you scheming  this Friday. Give yourself  this quick self-evaluation by asking yourself the following:

  1. What opportunities do you have right in front of  you that you have been taking for granted?
  2. Are you about to pass up an opportunity of a lifetime without even realizing it?
  3. Is it time for you to create your own opportunity? If so, what does that look like?

Be thoughtful in your answers. Write them down and begin to build upon  increasing your chances of improving your current work situation.  Remember Friday is  7 more days away! Now get to scheming!


Thankful Again, Still and Always

Another Thanksgiving is upon us. As you count all of your blessings this Thanksgiving, be sure to count your financial blessings as well. Even as we struggle to “do better” with our money, most of us have financial blessings far in excess of most of the rest of the world.

This week, simply give thanks for all that you have and enjoy the bounty of the holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

To your turkey success!

What is Your Imprint?

I’m not typically the person who leads the conversation in politics. As a matter of fact, if I feel that it’s going to cause an upset or argument among people I’m with, I will avoid it. Why? Because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and me getting worked up to try and prove my point (whether it is right or wrong) is just Mine and only MY opinion.

With that said, it doesn’t matter whether you are a Democratic or Republican, this election will go down in history as probably one of the most vindictive, and divisive elections ever.  Why? Because everyone has an opinion. And both parties think that their opinion is the right one. But, the fact is no matter what your opinion has been, the winner of the 2017 presidential candidate will be determined tonight.  Yes, despite the rhetoric and speculation surrounding voter fraud – your vote will count.  And yes, your vote is STILL your opinion.

So, what do you want your imprint to be?  Are you doing things in life that will make you controversial, have questionable integrity or place doubt in others about your ability? Or will your imprint bring a positive outlook, give hope when things seem hopeless, solve problems, and make a difference?

No matter who wins tonight, an indelible mark of racism, feminism and vicious personal attacks will probably linger throughout the years of this presidency.  The imprint of this campaign will be hard to erase.

You don’t have to run for president to make a positive imprint.  But you need to run for something and you need to make an imprint. Run for what you believe in, run to support others or run to just  prove to yourself that you can.  Just run.   The decision of how you run will have an impact on your imprint.  Of course, it’s just my opinion.

Is Your Network Really Your Net Worth?


Have you ever met someone who had a base of followers on social media that made you wish you could buy their secret sauce, and learn how you too could be an Online Superstar?

Well, I have – on more times than I can count. But, one person in particular struck me as a little odd. She had a lot of followers, shares and likes, but she couldn’t keep her customers long enough to sustain her business.

How was that possible I thought? It was intriguing. I asked her why this was a challenge. Her response: “I’m really good at engaging people online, but once I convert them to a customer (she had a brick and mortar store front), it’s not easy to keep them engaged into coming back into the store.”

Huh? That was mind boggling to me! How could someone who had gained all of this popularity on social media and who is able to get her fans and followers into her store, not be able to convert them over as long time customers?

That’s when I had my AHA moment! People who are successful in business typically are in business because their passion speaks louder than anything else. Often times, passion outweighs our common sense and our ability to think outside of our own realm.

This woman’s gift was her ability to interact and engage online and actually bring people into her store locally. But, she only had one store and her fans and followers were worldwide. She was missing out on a huge population of the world just by being a single entity and it was indeed impacting her net worth. Her network that consisted of tens of thousands people did not add up to sales in business.

The solution was easy: She needed to go to where her audience was. So she turned that brick and mortar store into an online store, expanded her sales beyond her local area, and began marketing to the world!

What about you? Does your network measure up to your net worth? Are you looking everywhere accept the obvious to have your network and net worth be in sync?

Remember, your network can be very telling and can also leave you with a lot of questions. Now, it’s your job to go out and seek the answers.

Hello inner peace…we’ve been waiting for you!

Let go and unplug! That’s right. Unplug the phone. Unplug that computer. Unplug that TV and anything else that keeps you distracted from doing the things that are really important. Make yourself a list that says, I will let go of_____ and fill in that blank! Make a plan of how you are going to let it go and more importantly what it will free you up to do once you do oust it from your over-plugged life.

Try this: Close your eyes, take two deep breaths and count to sixty. Go ahead. Do it now. What happened? Did you enjoy complete silence or was it interrupted by some form of technology or another distraction? If you were uninterrupted, congratulations! But if you were, think about what you can do to get those sixty seconds back of uninterrupted time.

Do you remember the time when going out to dinner was special? People talked quietly to each other and had respect for the people who were seated nearby. Now in even some fine dining restaurants you see people texting and chattering on their cell phones. Even in church, you can’t listen to a full sermon without hearing the accidental ring tone of a cell phone or the sound of the typing from a tablet or other device. I’ve even heard a phone ring in the pulpit once. I couldn’t believe it.

Don’t get me wrong. I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to technology. However, I do make an exception with my family that there are no phones allowed at the dinner table. That is the one time when we actually talk in real-time with each and have a face-to-face conversation. However, I am guilty of having my phone right next to my bed every night. But I do say, “Good morning” to my husband when I wake-up before I check my phone. For many of us, our phone is the first thing we reach for before we are even out of bed.

What about you? Is technology like a drug? When it isn’t around do you begin to have withdrawals symptoms? Can you leave your cell phone at home, or do you find yourself being totally lost if you don’t have it with you?

When you can’t find a remote to the TV are you agitated that you have to actually get up and change the channels manually? When your computer is slow, do you become impatient or wait patiently to see if the problem is only temporary.

When does your break from technology actually start? Or is it constantly on auto-pilot? There comes a point and time when we have to make ourselves accountable for our own inner peace. You may think so, but technology is not going always going to give it to you. Believe it or not, that inner peace has to come from within your inner self. We have to go to the very soul of our being to find answers and listen to what our inner spirit is saying to us. We can’t hear anything if we are distracted by the day to day interruptions of our technology. Every day we must find a way to be still and unplug — even it’s just for a few moments.

Find a way to eliminate distractions that are keeping you away from doing what is really important. I know it will be hard at first. But, if you make time to take a break each day, it will get easier. So go ahead. Turn it off. Who knows? That inner peace that you have been searching for may actually find you!

Amputated by Fear and Doubt


Most of us already know that the word amputated means to be cut-off or removed. We typically think of a limb being lost or surgically removed when we hear the word. But, how many of us are cutting ourselves off from our destiny? HUH?  That’s correct. You may have never thought of using the word in that context. Me either, until I heard the question asked in a sermon one Sunday.

I had to ask myself: Am I being amputated by fear or doubt? YES, I answered back. I then asked myself: WHY?

Fear and doubt can be so paralyzing. We don’t come into the world with these types of feelings though. Have you ever watched a toddler get ready to jump from the top of a staircase “before” someone grabs him? The toddler doesn’t know fear, but learns about it very quickly as they grow up hearing “no” and “stop.” Eventually after a child hears that enough they learn fast about  the consequences associated with having that free will or feeling of being invincible.

Sometimes I think we adults need to get back to child-like “thinking” when we didn’t know fear and we felt that the world was ours and we had no inhibitions. I remember back when my oldest daughter was a baby and her pediatrician suggested to me that I come down to her size sometimes. “Just crawl around and look up and see how she sees the world. You will be amazed how things look so differently,” he said. I did it and he was right! Things looked very different when you look at the world from a child’s eyes. Everything is so big and enticing. You want to take it all in and you’re not afraid to try.

WOYN TIP: So, start today by working on your now today  by not being amputated by fear and doubt. If you have to, don’t get so caught up in “thinking” like an adult. Free your mind and move forward like a toddler. Be free and excited with anticipation and curiosity. In other words, jump down those stairs! — Of course, I don’t mean literally! :-)


Celebrate Mistakes. Yes That’s Correct, Celebrate.

I’m sure  that the title of this blog will capture your eyeballs at first glance.  That is the reason why I emphasized that there was no mistake when I typed the headline. Throughout being married for 21 years, mothering three children, having too many  careers to mention and 14 years of  being an entrepreneur, there is one thing I have been very successful at making: mistakes.

I know that I’m  not the only one out here, either.  I have met many people who have experienced the same thing. However, many do not want to talk about it, nor do they want to celebrate it.

So, why am I?

There is a quote that Oprah Winfrey lives by that was given to her by Maya Angelou: “When you know better, you do better.” Oprah also says,”You don’t have to hold yourself hostage to who you used to be or anything you ever used to do. Who has lived and hasn’t made mistakes?” — Can you think of anyone?  I certainly can’t.

This expression is very freeing because we know that when we do make a mistake, we can start over again. We have a fresh start. We can do better, because we know more than we did the first time.  It’s a breakthrough and a time to celebrate new beginnings and new possibilities.

I’m not saying that it’s easy. Some mistakes are irreversible.Others can be life altering.  The key is to know that  next time  you “can” do better, if you “choose” to do better. I have seen people make the same mistakes over and over again with relationships, jobs, family members, personal choices (the list goes on and on). They just can’t seem to get it right. They didn’t learn anything from any of their mistakes.

I used to be puzzled by that. But, now I think that it’s simple to understand. Some people not only learn lessons faster, but they also have a desire not to make the same mistake again. Of course, it may be another mistake they make, but more than likely  it will probably not be the same one.

On the other hand,  some people just  don’t see (or don’t want to see)  their mistakes. They will never learn and will never know the liberating feeling of  making a mistakes and being able to turn  that mistake into bona fide accomplishment. They will never know the joy of what it’s like to celebrate

One of the things we should  learn from making mistakes is that first we have to  be aware of it when we make one. Secondly, we have to own up to the mistake. And lastly, if it was  a mistake that was done to someone else, we need to acknowledge  them and try to make amends. This is not always easy, (especially if you are someone who doesn’t like to admit when you are wrong). And if we can, try to correct the mistake. That always helps.

We can’t learn and move forward if we we stay in denial and in the past. One has to feel confident in knowing that mistakes are a part of life’s lessons. Once you learn the lesson, you can celebrate in knowing that you are that much closer to getting it right the next time. After all, when you know better you do better, right?

WOYN TIP: Learn to forgive yourself when you make a mistake. Mistakes can present new and better opportunities when you learn from them and use them to grow.

Working On Your Now vs. Working On Your Later

How many of you know what working on your now means? If you said that it means following your passion and executing on it today instead of tomorrow you are right! Anyone can have a passion, but it’s what you do with it that is so important.

Many people “think” about all the things they wish they could do, but never take the time to actually step out on faith and do it. Others “intend” to get started, but for some reason their gears never shift from neutral to drive.

What’s holding you back? Is it fear or are you  just  making one excuse after another? Whatever it is — confront it, acknowledge it and figure out how you can move forward with executing on your passion. Once you do this, you will be so glad that you have begun your long awaited journey of working on your now instead of working on your later!

WOYN TIP: Tomorrow is not promised.   Get started with your Now today!