10 WOYN Rules : A daily guide to help yourself

Each day we need to make a commitment to ourselves to be our own priority. What that means is to make sure that every day you take time out for you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a day, week, an hour, a few minutes, or even seconds – you have to do it!
If you feel like you can’t imagine taking out anytime, then start out with what you can do and just a build a little bit over time. This may include just deeply inhaling and exhaling for few seconds. It may include just being still wherever you are. Whatever works for you is what you should do.

 WOYN Rules

  1. Stay laser focused and don’t give up
  2. Envision a successful completion of your goal
  3. Surround yourself with like-minded people
  4. Remember that today is a new day, so don’t dwell on yesterday
  5. Keep it movin’, even when you want to stop
  6. Smile in the mirror every day and give yourself a compliment
  7. Take a few minutes to yourself to reassess and recalibrate
  8. Remember you are important
  9. Stop stressing and obsessing. It will get done when it’s supposed to be
  10. Rest your mind, body and spirit and make a plan for tomorrow

WOYN TIP: Before you say you don’t have time.  Stop and make the time.

For Once, Just Let Time Pass You By


One Sunday I decided not to go to church. I slept in.  I never sleep in. There is always something else I could be doing that always overrides sleeping. Guilt will typically set in if I haven’t accomplished a certain number of tasks by noon.  But, on this  particular Sunday things were different. I woke up feeling refreshed. I washed my hair.

When noon arrived, instead of checking off my to do list I read a magazine from cover to cover,  discovered a healthy recipe, and even cooked it. It was awesome!  I chatted with my husband  and didn’t allow my mind to wander about what all that still needed to be done. I truly enjoyed listening to an uninterrupted cadence of his voice.  For once, I let time go by and I loved it!

WOYN TIP: Let Go and see what you’ve been missing. Life will pass you by if you don’t stop and live it!

What I’m present to today ….

Go for it! Get out of your comfort zone! I’m reflecting today on how I came to be in the wellness fitness industry. First I want to reveal that I love what I do. I get to teach and inspire people to work to be a better version of themselves. I teach many movement formats, from dance to yoga. It’s not something I got a degree in or thought I wanted to do when I graduated. I just gravitated to it all my life. My career came to be from being present to what I love to do, how I want to spend my time and how I want to contribute to my community. It’s possible for all of us I believe.

My NOW happend over a period of time in 2004-2007. I was practicing yoga in a great studio in Dallas, TX, Yogasport, in a pose that was quiet and I finally listened to what I wanted to do. All I did was STOP moving and thinking and START listening to me. I heard things in my heart about how I was not fulfilled in my current career. My work began as I peeled back the layers of feelings and rules to reveal my natural talents and desires. I started my own company focusing on wellness and training. I’m forever grateful for Yogasport and the coupon for a free yoga class that took me there.

Fast forward to today. I met Lori in 2013 and was so inspired by her “Working on Your Now” movement that of course I wanted to support her to empower women to find their ultimate potential. I too believe we all have this amazing possibility inside us. Lori believed in me. She challenged me to take my next step which was to host Wellness Retreats. I needed to stop talking about it and just do it. She tipped me over the edge to go for it. Today, I also lead Wellness Retreats. You can find my next retreat at retreatinthepines.com on September 26-28th in Mineola, TX . I recommend you get started today working on your NOW. Time is precious. Go for it.

FOCUS – Follow One’s Course Until Successful

I’ve listened to people give different versions of advice on how to focus.  For example, I’ve heard things like the following:

Eat healthy because a healthy diet will help keep you focused.

Get your rest and plenty of sleep because deprivation of sleep will not allow you to stay focused.

Keep your mind clear so that you are able to actively think about what your are focusing on.

Pretty straight forward and good advice, right? Well, I thought so until I saw another  angle regarding focus. It’s great to follow the above  steps on how to get focused, but the way you remain focused is by being unflappable,  motivated , persistent  and able to continue to  persevere even in times of uncertainty.

If you are clear– and I mean absolutely clear on what your focus is, then you need to continue your FOCUS, or in other words Follow One’s Course Until Successful.

It’s so easy to get distracted and lose focus. But, when you are unflappable, you are staying in control of your focus. When you are motivated, you are self energized and able to maintain your focus even when others around you are not. When your are persistent, you are relentless in your focus and refuse to become distracted.When you  persevere you stay the course;you don’t waiver and you keep your eye on your goal.

Staying focused is not always easy, but it is possible. Learn how what steps are needed for you to stay FOCUSED and then Follow One’s Course Until Successful!

WOYN TIP: You must remain focused on your journey to greatness. ~ Les Brown, motivational speaker and author