Are Your Words Tearing Up Your Profits?

I frequently try to “hear” and pay attention to the words that I use in both my thoughts and what I say out loud. The choice of words is pretty interesting and can give you some great insights into your underlying beliefs and how you are approaching life. “This is killing me” – yikes, do I really want to say or think that? “Urg, this is so hard” – should I plant that seed? “There is never enough time” – why view life like that? This also translates to how we talk about money, income, savings, and spending. Consider these that I have caught myself thinking recently:

  • Taxes are just eating me alive.
  • I can never seem to catch up.
  • I’ll never save enough.
  • These college costs are killing me.

Those words are powerful and are telling “the universe” what I believe! I do not want to be eaten or killed and I’m not exactly sure what am I trying to “catch up” to.

I have taken an oath to really change my vocabulary and how I think about these areas. What words do you tell yourself when you think about your assets, your taxes, and your cost of living? Perhaps we all need to overhaul our vocabulary and starting crafting a different picture:

  • I am always able to pay my taxes.
  • Higher taxes this year mean I am making more.
  • I have plenty of money to meet my needs.
  • My savings continues to grow and will be enough to provide for my needs.
  • I am so grateful that my kids are pursuing an education and I know with careful spending I can meet my goal of paying for their educations.

There’s not much drama in those statements. They are pretty ho-hum and bland; nothing to get the heart racing or the stomach lurching. And that’s the beauty of them! They put the power firmly on our shoulders to “get ‘er done” and quit the gripping about it! It’s so much more fun to blame the government for those horrible taxes, high costs for limiting my savings, and colleges for expensive rates, but really, my own perspective creates my reality. Truthfully, I must focus on what I need versus what I want and make a clear distinction between the two. I need air, water, and food; really for survival, that’s about it – shelter is optional. A nice, safe, cozy option but optional nonetheless.

Uttering a word is like striking a note on the keyboard of the imagination.

Ludwig Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations


This week, I want my imagination singing of the abundance that I enjoy, of my joyful sharing, and of what I truly need. What about you? Where do your words weaken you and how can you strike a new note on the keyboard of your imagination?

To your financial success!