Plan for Financial Success inn 2016


Last week I talked about finishing strong. Take a moment to go back through the items listed in that post – you can read it here. Look through the list and assess yourself to see where you stand in meeting your 2015 goals. If you hit all of those – congrats!  However, you may have found a few things that have not come together the way you wanted. You may have found some things that you didn’t even realize would be good goals. You may have gotten inspired to start setting some goals if you didn’t have any! Whatever your situation, I encourage you to start now to think about what you want 2016 to look like.

To help you think about what is important to you, answer the following:

  • What is the one area of your financial life that you worry most about?
  • What is the one area of your financial life that bugs you the most?
  • What is the one area of your financial life that you have wanted to take action on but have not?
  • What is the one thing (1!) that if you made a change, would most positively impact your financial life?

Based on those answers, write down one thing that you want to change in 2016:



Now, describe 3 or 4 specific actions that will lead to this change:

  1. ___________________________________________________________
  2. ___________________________________________________________
  3. ___________________________________________________________
  4. ___________________________________________________________

Be specific and note that these must be actions. It should be something that you can do that is small but will move to you toward your change for 2016. Make these actions small – so small as to seem ridiculously easy to do. So small that you think, “that won’t really make much of a change.” The power is in the small, so easy that you will actually do them steps. Small things add up to big things when done consistently over time.

Now, think about this change and these action steps. Ponder them for the next few weeks. Perhaps, if you want, test out one or two of the action steps, but if you aren’t ready yet, just think through them and consider what will be challenging about taking these actions. Make a plan to overcome challenges. Get the tools and support you need in place now. Set yourself up to be successful once you do start with these actions.

We have just over 6 weeks until January 1, 2016. We have about 7 weeks to prepare and plan for our launch into a new year. Think about how you want 2016 to be different from 2015 and make a concrete action plan to make those changes.

To your financial success!