The Energy of Money

Today and during the week, I want you to think about your relationship with money and financial topics. Every time you pull out your wallet, look at money, pay bills or think about anything “financial,” whether at work or in your personal life, pause and think about how you feel, in your gut, at that moment. Make a note in your phone or notebook without judgment but with curiosity.

Pull out a journey or notebook and answer these questions:
*  When do I feel bad (guilty, anxious, afraid, uncertain, inadequate, lacking knowledge) about money?
*  How do I react in these situations?
*  How would I like to react in these situations?
*  What financial topic am I the most uncertain about?
*  When do I feel good (confident, knowledgable, sure of myself, competent, in control) about money?
*  What have I done in the past to lead me to this good feeling?

Other questions, thoughts and memories may come up as you think through these questions. I encourage you to let them come up, explore them with curiosity and to try to let go of judgments and condemnations. If you wouldn’t make the comment out loud to a friend, don’t allow yourself to say it to yourself in the silence of your mind!

In the coming weeks, we’ll explore some of these questions and consider how that energy, good or bad, positive or negative, impacts your dealings, your relationships and your interactions with money and money matters.

To your financial success,