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The Gift of Awareness

There is freedom that comes with awareness, because with it comes the opportunity to make a choice. Madisyn Taylor

Happy New Year! This is the fresh start, anything-is-possible time of year. Our hopes are high, and we see the potential for an amazing year. That’s why I loved the quote about awareness. For some reason, in the dawn of the new year, there is an awareness of possibility that I don’t feel as keenly at any other time of year. It is certainly available to me any time but the start of something new brings a heightened sense of awareness.

You are in the right place to make that amazing year possible for yourself. Working On Your Now is all about putting purpose and possibility into your life, regardless of the area of your life that you want to work on.

So take some time today to cultivate your own awareness of what is truly important for you in this new year. Look at the various areas of your life and describe exactly what you want from each of them. Paint the big, bright, beautiful picture of how your life will be one year from now and then start taking little steps in that direction.

For your financial life, pick just one thing to make your overarching focus this year. What is one thing that you can do to alleviate fear, dread, anxiety or stress in this area? Become aware of that one area that needs your attention and then take the opportunity to make a choice to improve it.

The dreams are in your head; the truth is in your heart; the power is in your hands. Be aware, make a choice, and take action.

To your financial (and 2017) success!