Two Questions

Happy New Year! I am personally and professionally on an “improvement quest.” I’m trying day-by-day to get just a little bit better. I cannot make the grand gesture, implement the great plan, or adhere to a massive life overhaul. I just can’t manage that and “regular life.” Perhaps you feel the same way. So, let me just ask you two questions:

  1.  Is your financial life better today than it was yesterday?

If the answer is yes, then question 2 is: What are you going to do today to make it better for tomorrow?

If the answer is no, then question 2: is What are you going to do today to make it better for tomorrow?

What? That’s the same question, you say. By gosh, you are right. Whether yesterday was perfect or a disaster, what matters is what you are going to do today to allow yourself to answer question 1 with a resounding YES tomorrow!

We only have today. We only really have this moment to make a choice that will benefit ourselves tomorrow. Let’s all get just a little bit better and make the choice in this moment that propels our future self forward toward are deepest goals and desires. Let’s make a sacrifice in this moment so that tomorrow we can be proud that we took a step forward instead of a step backward. Let’s put away the massive overhaul and focus on the baby steps. Baby steps repeated moment by moment by moment are so much more powerful than a huge leap that leaves us on our backside, exhausted, and overwhelmed. Be there; done that so many times.

Really, then, there is only 1 question: What are you going to do today to make your financial life better for tomorrow?

To your financial success (moment-by-moment)!