What’s Your Dragon?

As you have probably guessed if you have read many of my blog posts, I love quotes. Love, love, love quotes. The right quote can hit you right between the eyes, pierce your heart, or stoke your internal fires. Here’s one that I love from The Best of Success:

Overcoming the negative is the price of achievement – the price of greatness.

In a world where “the negative” sells, this is a very applicable quote! All around us (and within us), we see and hear the negative. Right about now is when the credit card bills from the holidays may be rolling in. The tax return documents are showing up in the mail box. The luster of our New Year’s resolutions is getting a bit faded and our jeans may still be a little too tight from those holiday indulgences. Bluck!

Ah, but now the gauntlet has been thrown down – overcoming those negatives is the price of greatness! Wow. Greatness! I can achieve anything; aspire to greatness if I just hack my way through the grit and grime of all that negative.

Where is your financial negative? Is it the credit card bills or the thought of slogging through the tax return? Is it getting your financial life organized or devising a plan to fund that IRA by April? Is it figuring out how (finally) to get your 401k invested? Whatever it is, see that as the dragon that you and you alone can slay. We all love the hero’s journey so paint yourself the hero of your own financial journey. See that negative as the dragon standing between you and your financial greatness.

You get to write the story of how you overcame that dragon, stood tall in the face of fear, uncertainty, and negativity, and came out victorious on the other side. Yes, it’s just a tax return, but that isn’t what’s important about the story; what’s important is that it was your personal dragon and you fought through and found achievement and greatness in this moment.

For this week, when you see negative, picture the dragon and then see yourself, sword in hand, fighting through it, overcoming it, and standing in your greatness.

To your financial GREATNESS!

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