Where are you in your half-time?

We are past the halfway mark for 2016 and perhaps you are shaking your head in wonder as I am. At halftime, teams gather in the locker room and assess what went well and what has gone awry so I recently sat down to do the same.
To be honest, I am not so thrilled as home improvement projects have gone beyond the home improvement budget at the same time as other large expenses have seemed to pop up. Isn’t that always the way it goes? What’s a gal to do except sharpen up the pencil and see what can be cut back and reworked to get back on track.

The Tana of old would have been more likely to use the old dieter’s refrain, “I’ve already blown it so who cares?!” and go forward letting my savings suffer. But the older and well, just older, Tana is determined to begin a new and still make the budget work with quite a bit less of that and even less of the other.

How about you? How are things looking at your halftime? Are the savings on track? The net worth a bit better? Is your spending where you want it to be? I hope so. I hope the income is better than imagined and the expenses lower but just in case it is not, try, try again. See where you can sharpen up the pencil and make do with what you have for a while until the numbers line up in a way that makes you feel good.

There is an ebb and flow to the seasons and the days and the money and if the flow is going the wrong way, now is the time to shore things up and get back on track. Good luck to all of us in “shore up” mode and to all who are well ahead, good job – keep it up; you are halfway there!
To your financial success.