Move Your Body

For almost 30 years I’ve watched people look for secret formulas to get fit as fast as they could. I’ve watched clients seek out the perfect diet to make them feel perfectly trim. But then I’ve watched those same people give up on it just to move on to the next thing or give up.

What I know is this. Move your body. Move your body everyday for at least 30 minutes. If you can move your body with moderate exercise you can improve your overall quality of life and fitness level. Think of it as a lifestyle makeover verses a list you have to check off. Think of it as a way of life. It may sound simple but guess what, it works. As a Diabetes Lifestyle Coach for the YMCA, we teach that moving our bodies 2 1/2 hoursa week will help reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

Movement can be briskly walking the dog, dance, jogging, a group exercise class at your local gym, climbing the stairs in combination with jogging. Just commit to moving your body 5 days a week for 30 minutes and to see how great you will feel. Notice how you think clearer, sleep better, stress less about the small stuff and are able to focus.

Until next time, keep moving your body!