What I’m present to today ….

Go for it! Get out of your comfort zone! I’m reflecting today on how I came to be in the wellness fitness industry. First I want to reveal that I love what I do. I get to teach and inspire people to work to be a better version of themselves. I teach many movement formats, from dance to yoga. It’s not something I got a degree in or thought I wanted to do when I graduated. I just gravitated to it all my life. My career came to be from being present to what I love to do, how I want to spend my time and how I want to contribute to my community. It’s possible for all of us I believe.

My NOW happend over a period of time in 2004-2007. I was practicing yoga in a great studio in Dallas, TX, Yogasport, in a pose that was quiet and I finally listened to what I wanted to do. All I did was STOP moving and thinking and START listening to me. I heard things in my heart about how I was not fulfilled in my current career. My work began as I peeled back the layers of feelings and rules to reveal my natural talents and desires. I started my own company focusing on wellness and training. I’m forever grateful for Yogasport and the coupon for a free yoga class that took me there.

Fast forward to today. I met Lori in 2013 and was so inspired by her “Working on Your Now” movement that of course I wanted to support her to empower women to find their ultimate potential. I too believe we all have this amazing possibility inside us. Lori believed in me. She challenged me to take my next step which was to host Wellness Retreats. I needed to stop talking about it and just do it. She tipped me over the edge to go for it. Today, I also lead Wellness Retreats. You can find my next retreat at retreatinthepines.com on September 26-28th in Mineola, TX . I recommend you get started today working on your NOW. Time is precious. Go for it.