Enjoying the Balance—By Not Falling Off the Cliff!


As women, we are known to wear multiple hats. (For many of us this is an understatement!) No matter how many hats we wear, it is imperative to find our own inner balance. We need to know and understand where our true core lies.  When we are clear, we are accountable. We are also better equipped to continuously keep ourselves in check– and in turn, remain true to ourselves and to others.

For some, their balance is through meditation. For others, their balance might be through physical exercise or just simply reading a good book.  Unfortunately, some of us are just too busy to even realize that we are unbalanced.  We may even be one step away from falling off the cliff.  If you are aware that you may fall into this category, please try and catch yourself before you fall too far.

Remember balance is important, but the first step is making sure you know where to find it and then knowing what to do with it once you do!