Amputated by Fear and Doubt


Most of us already know that the word amputated means to be cut-off or removed. We typically think of a limb being lost or surgically removed when we hear the word. But, how many of us are cutting ourselves off from our destiny? HUH?  That’s correct. You may have never thought of using the word in that context. Me either, until I heard the question asked in a sermon one Sunday.

I had to ask myself: Am I being amputated by fear or doubt? YES, I answered back. I then asked myself: WHY?

Fear and doubt can be so paralyzing. We don’t come into the world with these types of feelings though. Have you ever watched a toddler get ready to jump from the top of a staircase “before” someone grabs him? The toddler doesn’t know fear, but learns about it very quickly as they grow up hearing “no” and “stop.” Eventually after a child hears that enough they learn fast about  the consequences associated with having that free will or feeling of being invincible.

Sometimes I think we adults need to get back to child-like “thinking” when we didn’t know fear and we felt that the world was ours and we had no inhibitions. I remember back when my oldest daughter was a baby and her pediatrician suggested to me that I come down to her size sometimes. “Just crawl around and look up and see how she sees the world. You will be amazed how things look so differently,” he said. I did it and he was right! Things looked very different when you look at the world from a child’s eyes. Everything is so big and enticing. You want to take it all in and you’re not afraid to try.

WOYN TIP: So, start today by working on your now today  by not being amputated by fear and doubt. If you have to, don’t get so caught up in “thinking” like an adult. Free your mind and move forward like a toddler. Be free and excited with anticipation and curiosity. In other words, jump down those stairs! — Of course, I don’t mean literally! :-)