Is 2018 the time for you to reassess and make positive moves toward Working on Your Now?  If your plans have ever been placed on hold due to a setback you’ve experienced, goal planning can become very challenging.  When this happens, you have to strengthen your peace of mind until your plan comes to fruition.  It’s important to:

  1. Not give up! Giving up is so easy.  If you need to postpone your goal for a while, it’s okay. Just have a plan that is doable so you can stay on course to get back to it.
  2. Learn how to substitute disappointments with a constructive activity that you enjoy.   (exercise, reading or listening to music, etc.) Just make sure it’s something that will help you feel better– not worse.
  3. Strike a balance to incorporate more realistic expectations. Sometimes our plans may not evolve as quickly as we want them to because of unrealistic expectations that we set for ourselves.  Take your journey one day at a time. If you rush into it, you may miss important steps.t’s

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start Planning Your Now!