When Your Best is Still Not Good Enough

The Test

We can probably relate to this either through our own life experiences or through someone else. For example, do you remember the time when you studied and prepared for an exam or test for weeks or maybe even months in advance? On the day of the test you felt confident and prepared. But, when the test came back, the grade was not what you expected. In fact, you felt like you might have done better if you hadn’t studied at all!

Waiting to see if we passed or failed

And what about that recent job interview? The one that you have been called in for the second, third, or fourth round. You know you have to be shoe-in for the job, right? Why else would they keep asking you to come back so many times?

Surprise! Two weeks go by and you have to call them to find out why you haven’t heard anything. And by the way, they tell you that the company decided to go with another candidate. However, you were impressive though and it was a tough decision to make, but they opted for the other candidate. Sound familiar?
What do you do when your best is still not good enough?
Well, let me start off by saying that here is what you DON’T DO…

Step I

Beat up on yourself – this is the time to be more confident than ever. Hmmm…regarding that not so great grade on your test. Hey, perhaps you studied long and hard, but you didn’t study strategically. Maybe, the next time you will study with a group. Learn from other people’s strategies. You know the expression: Two heads are better than one.

If there is something that you didn’t quite understand, check with the professor or teacher. Do you have clear notes? –-Meaning although you wrote them, do they make sense to you?

Check to see if there are previous tests that you can look at so that you can get a feel of what to expect when you take the test. Sometimes we can “over” study. The questions maybe a lot easier than you think. Try to simplify your studying. Break it up into bite size pieces and chew on the information very slowly.

Step II

Start focusing on everything that you might have done wrong in the interview. Do Not — I repeat– Do Not sabotage yourself. Focus on the positive and what got you to the final rounds of interviews in the first place. It was your personality, your thoughtful answers, and what you could bring to the organization.

Take those same positive attributes and keep on networking. Yes, for some, it’s difficult to pick yourself up and start over again. But, nothing great is easily won. Decide if you are a winner or a loser. If you are a winner, decide on the best way to gain the advantage so you can win the next round of interviews and get that job!
Something else to consider
Also, perhaps you are going after the wrong type of job. Sometimes we go after things because we feel like we really need a job even though it may not be the best fit. Consider yourself fortunate if you didn’t get the job that you really didn’t want anyway. A bad fit will have you leaving the job soon (or getting fired) and you will be back out there looking again.

So, just take out the time to figure out what it is that you really want. Sometimes opportunities are right in front of us, but we are so busy chasing moving targets that we miss them. Of course, if you consider yourself a loser…well, you will do nothing and remain in the same situation until you decide that you are tired of it. Let’s hope that‘s NOT the case, though.

WOYN TIP: When your best is still not good enough, ask yourself this: Is your best good enough for you? If your answer is yes, you are on the right track. Believe in your abilities and don’t get caught up in what is your best is for someone else. In the end, you have to be the best for you. But, on the other hand, if your answer is no — ask yourself what it will take to turn that no into a yes. Search within yourself and find out what “good enough” looks like for you and start working toward it.