Are You Busy With Things That Matter?


We are all busy. The universal saying is “there is never enough time in the day!” Well, believe it or not, 24-hours is a very long time.  If someone asked you to be still for 24 – hours, your first response would probably be, “That’s too long!  I can’t be still for such a long period of time.”  How about driving, walking, running, standing, sitting, or even lying in bed for 24- hours? Now, the time doesn’t seem so short now, does it?

Twenty- four  hours is the same amount of time for everyone. The difference is what you choose to do with your 24- hours. Do you whittle it away by wasting time on things that don’t matter, or do you use each hour of your day purposefully, doing the things that are important?

So the next time you start your day thinking about what you cannot accomplish, cancel that thought! Ask yourself what all you  CAN  do,  and know that 24 hours can be  just enough time to accomplish it.

Timing is everything.  Just pace yourself to carve out what you need.