Are You Prepared To Launch?

Are you in the process of making a significant change in your life? Perhaps you are about to receive a promotion or are in career transition. Maybe you have finally made up in your mind that  the time has come for you to  finally start your own business or get married, start a family or just start over. Wherever you are in your life’s stage, have you done everything you can to prepare yourself? In other words, are you prepared to launch?

I have been in many conversations where people have a dream. “When the time is right I’m going to…”, One day, I’m going to…when my kids get older…when I’m retired…Well, you get the picture.

With this type of thinking,many will never launch. They will always have an excuse that is holding them back.The truth is the time is right, as soon as you allow yourself to believe that it is. So with that in mind, where are you in your launch stage? Here are some things that you may want to think about.

Signs That You Are Ready to Launch

1.  You’ve stopped making excuses.
2.  You make it a part of your daily routine.
3.  You’ve done your research and are prepared for next steps.
4.  You have a plan A  and are prepared to move to plan B and C — when and if  necessary.
5.  You stay focused and visualize yourself successfully achieving your launch.
6.  You don’t give up.
7.  You readjust, re-calibrate and get back in sync when times get tough.
8.  You replace naysayers with positive players.

WOYN TIP: Get launched! What’s stopping you?