Delete! Delete! Delete!

Wouldn’t it be great if all we had to do was hit a delete button and start over again whenever we made a mistake in our life?  Some of our lives would be a lot easier if we could just erase the errors of our ways, right?

Well, unlike the delete button that is accessible in our everyday technology — life is just not like that.  Once  we’ve said something we wish we hadn’t or posted something that we wish we could took back, it’s too late.  There is no delete button on our mouth, or on our actions. That’s the bad news.

However, the good news is  that we do have the power to delete one thing: a negative mindset. Like a computer, we can reprogram our own personal software.  Every negative experience you’ve encountered can be wiped out just like a computer virus if you delete the thoughts that keep you from going in the direction that you need to go.

  • Delete the can’t do attitude and replace it with I can.
  • Delete the blame for what you don’t have and be grateful for what you do have.
  • Delete the failures in your life and replace them with the opportunities that are to come.

You can always dwell and  linger in worry, doubt and mistrust. You can live in the past on things that did not go your way. You can continue to blame your circumstances or even others on why you are not where you want to be. Or you can hit the delete button and just start anew.  Refresh your mind and spirit.  Start to think differently about yourself and others will share your energy.  You will be amazed at how you can draw in people who will want to help you. When you delete your negative energy you will drive positive attributes toward you.

WOYN Tip: Try it. Delete Delete Delete.