It’s Just 10 minutes

Getting ready for spring cleaning with your home, business or life?  Feeling a little overwhelmed with the thought of getting rid of stuff and preparing for what you said you were going to each year and just haven’t had the opportunity to get started? Or deep down inside, you just didn’t do it because quite frankly you’d rather fast for a month then do any type of cleaning.

But what if you took 10 minutes twice a day to just start easing your way into getting the pieces of your life in order? Take a drawer and start taking out the papers you don’t need. Then move to taking the pens out that no longer write, etc. That’s it. A little bit at a time, over time can turn into major progress and keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

This works the same way when we try to figure out the next step that is going to get us closer to our purpose.  It won’t happen overnight. But, if we take out just 10 minutes twice a day and just focus on one thing, than eventually, that 10 minutes will turn into 20 and longer and before you know it your task is complete.

Is it a book that you’ve been trying to take time to read? Take 10 minutes.  Is it exercise that you’ve been trying to make time for? Take 10 minutes. Is it peace and quiet that you are trying to obtain? Take 10 minutes.

Sound too easy? Well, it can be. All you have to do is get started. Take 10!