Just Keep It Movin’!


I have been guilty of getting caught up in remembering some negative experiences that have happened in the past and wondering if they will ever rear their ugly heads again. I also used to spend quite a bit of time worrying about “what ifs” and things that I absolutely had no control over.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying that I’m 100 percent free of that thinking, but I have learned how to tell myself to Just Keep It Movin’!   Keep it Movin’ is when you have to refocus your thought pattern. It’s allowing yourself to move forward and think about the next step. It’s taking control of a negative situation and figuring out what you have learned that will benefit you down the road. It’s forgiving yourself. It’s saying it’s okay to fail. It’s being confident in your own abilities in spite of what others may tell you. It’s knowing that people are not infallible. Some mean well, others do not. When you Keep It Movin’, you can move past disappointments quicker and rely more on yourself and depend less on others.

When you Keep It Movin,’ you  think of new possibilities that you may not have thought were possible before. You become a  little less stressed too, because you are keeping things in motion and not allowing yourself  to get stuck in the day to day “manushia”.

So the next time life catches you off guard and those negative emotions try to take over your mind, body and spirit, remember this: you can either fall prey and become of victim of your own circumstance, or you can Keep It Movin’ and choose a new direction. It’s your decision.

WOYN TIP:  Just Keep it Movin! You’ll be glad you did!