Not my circus, Not my monkeys!

It’s okay to know what you DON’T WANT. However, it’s also important to intentionally shift your thinking to what you DO WANT because believe it or not, the thoughts and words that we choose to express ourselves will gradually shape the core of our identity and destiny.

This can be very powerful when you think about how negative words can hurt you, but positive words never will.   Your words may not be the cause all of your problems, but they can cause a lot of them and they should be given a good deal of consideration when we are looking for answers to the problems we encounter in life.

Today, really think about challenging yourself. Every time you want to say or think something negative, try replacing those thoughts and words with positive alternatives.  Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that we truly don’t want to be in and we wonder what we did to get ourselves into that predicament.  Often times,  we know the end result will not be a positive one even before the situation plays out.  But, we get engaged anyway and end up kicking ourselves later for when everything inside of us is telling us to move in the opposite direction.

So, this brings me to how I came up with the title of this blog. The title is a Polish Proverb.  Think about this: The next time you feel yourself being pulled into other people’s drama that may  include being a part of  negative relationships, unflattering conversations or anything that is not of good will for you personally, I want you to repeat these words: “Not my circus, not my monkeys.”  It may sound a little crazy (and even bring you a giggle or two) but the goal is for you to make the mind shift you need when you know you need to go in a new direction but are not quite sure how.   Repeat, repeat, repeat!  “Not my circus, not my monkeys!”  Now, go forth and be the woman you were created to be!