Too Stressed to Impress

Are you that person? You know who I’m talking about. The woman who has 30 things going on at the same time and taking care of everyone’s business except her own?  You may look like you have it all together on the outside. If you wear makeup, it is always flawless. You probably  pride yourself in being  meticulously dressed and you have an attitude that says “I’m brilliant  and everyone knows it!”

Here’s the irony. Once you get home and take off your coat of armor, who is standing in the mirror looking you directly in the face?  You are very much aware that the person you are staring back at isn’t who she appears to be.  Inside you are screaming for relief, a much-needed retreat or just someone to come and do for you what you always are doing for others. Whew! It’s a lot, isn’t it? The weight that we carry and pressure that we put on ourselves can sometimes leave us suffering in our own silence.

Who are you fooling– really?  The stress that you are under has been put there by no one except you. Yes, I  said it. Your stress is caused because you have given yourself permission to be over scheduled, sleep deprived, overworked, and possibly your overall well-being compromised. Does any of this sound familiar?

Are you fooling yourself because you have mastered the role of “looking” the part but  your acting skills are about to run their finale?   How long do you think you will able to keep the roles up before they all come crashing down in the form of migraines, weight fluctuation,  sleep deprivation, heart disease or another health ailment that is caused by too much stress?

Are you too stressed to impress and don’t even realize it? It could be that you might be thinking that others are impressed by you. But the reality might be that your facade is taking more of a toll on you than you think.   Here’s a thought: What if you are not as impressive as you think you are?  Are you always at the top of your game or do you slip up from fatigue and sometimes struggle to remember what you ate for breakfast?

Think about where you are in your stress level.  More importantly, find ways to neutralize it.  Stress is always going to be available to come into our lives. The question is whether you will allow yourself to accept its invitation.

Check out the twitter chat on stress here  that WOYN did with Optimum Body Sculpting on April 13.  Next,  come and de-stress with us on April 23 at our Wake Up event at www.workingonyournow.com/wakeup.  Now, is your time to MAKE the time for you!