When Thoughts Become Things

Thoughts are interesting and powerful and elusive. They have no being in the physical world – yes, they are inside of someone’s physical brain inside their physical head but where? Where do they come from? We have no idea, but there they are, all day, every waking minute – some good, some not so “socially acceptable;” some are creative, some destructive. Some brilliant, some are best left to float away harmlessly.

The amazing thing about humans is that they can turn their thoughts into anything that they want. The cavemen turned their thoughts of food into meat grilling over the cave fire. Then they turned them into bison jerky when someone thought of drying the meat. They turned berries into wine and wheat into bread (perhaps later in the human time line but you get the point.)

We can literally convert our mental energy into physical labor and plow fields, plant crops, build houses. The agrarian age saw humans partition off some land and set about creating their own little paradise of safety by turning their thoughts into shelter using what they saw around them – forests for wood, clay for adobe – and then growing whatever they could grow to feed themselves.

Then the creative got more and more functional with their thoughts by creating tools and then machines. And then someone took it a step further and just came up with the ideas and the plans and let others use their physical energy to bring their thought into the physical world. Wow – I mean really – that is amazing! And it is still evolving. Very few of us use our physical energy to create – it takes little effort for me to type words on a screen – so for many, our mental and creative energies are what we use to create our livelihoods – yes, our thoughts turning into a paycheck.

Think of this – on a daily basis, you are turning your mental energy, thoughts, into dollars. You build that spreadsheet, you record the patient’s vital signs, you create a logo or an email marketing campaign. Even those who need physical energy, like builders and plumbers and surgeons, must first have the thought to pick up the hammer or pipe or scalpel. Then they have to use their mental energy and stored knowledge and experience to direct what they do with it – all thoughts becoming. We take it for granted that we have the power to turn thoughts into dollars. It’s just what we do. But really think of it; think of your own thoughts – what dances around your head when you take a moment away from your job or the laundry or you are just driving? What crazy thought keeps spirting up at the most inappropriate times? You have the power to turn those thoughts into dollars.
There is a catch, though. Isn’t there always? You have to physically take action or the thought just drifts away. If it’s a really important thought, it is going to come back and back and back until you can no longer resist the urge to pick up a hammer or a pencil or a xylophone. Until one day you turn on your computer to work or pay bills or check email and suddenly you are googling crazy things and writing or sketching or signing up for blogs that have nothing to do with your life and everything to do with your thought. Maybe right now, your thought is noodling at the back of your brain, “see me; pay attention to me; nurture me; create me. I am right here ready to become.”
Thoughts are interesting and powerful and elusive. What are you thinking and what should that thought become?

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Next week is Memorial Day and I hope to be hiking somewhere beautiful. In June, I will talk in more depth about money as energy.
To your (thought-FULL) financial success