Are you are off the grid?

Are you feeling like you know you should be somewhere else, yet you stay right where you are?  You feel stuck but you aren’t quite sure how to move forward? Whether it’s a relationship, a job or even exercise, getting stuck happens to the best of us. But, while getting stuck might be inevitable, staying stuck isn’t.  
Here are some helpful tips for getting unstuck and getting you back on the grid!

1) Find out what is the root that is causing you to feel being stuck? This may not be as easy for some as others. You may need to take an honest look at yourself and your situation and really assess how you got where you are in the first place and what has caused this feeling.

2) Once you figure out that first step, you can begin to think about what you want and what the steps are that you will need to take in order to get you to where you are trying to go. If you are stuck in your job, think about what other resources you can use to help you change jobs or improve the job you are in. Sometimes, when we see opportunities, we don’t take advantage of them. If you know that there is something else that you’d like to inquire about or get more information on, don’t get paralyzed in fear or in the mode of stopping yourself from trying because you are concerned about the possibility of rejection.

3) Lose the feeling that you have to do everything yourself. Connect with someone you trust and who won’t judge you. Seek out a friend, colleague, co-worker, family member or an accountability partner who you feel comfortable with in bouncing ideas off on and getting another perspective on the direction you want to go in. Sometimes, just getting another person’s take on a situation can open possibilities or help move us in directions that we never thought of.

4) Start a plan to incorporate things of more that you enjoy doing. Often, taking time out for yourself gives you a different perspective and allows you to think clearly. Take time for a “Me Day.” Whatever that entails, you need to spend the time on really taking stock of what you think you want. Or, try just doing something that you enjoy and then come back to thinking about how you will develop the plan to get “unstuck” later.

5) Get involved with a networking or business group where like-minded women come together for positive and uplifting discussions to help one another. Connect with the ones you feel that you have the most in common with and be open-minded to gain new perspectives and introspection.

Feeling stuck can be a sign that you need a change. You may need a short-term change or a long-term one. As you go through the steps of figuring out what you need to change, try not to become frustrated. Embrace your feelings that it’s time for something different. More importantly, take the time to figure out what that “something different” looks like to you.