It’s Time to Fire Ima!

Who is Ima? Ima is that friend in your head. Ima also is the one you treat as your scapegoat.

You refer to Ima often when you exclaim things like, “Ima lose five pounds,” or when you say, “Ima de-clutter the junk drawer one day.” You put her in control of your projects when you profess, “Ima organize and clean out my closet and give away a few things real soon.”

Ima is the one with whom you entrust your future. She is the one that you pass the buck to whenever you begin to think about a task you should be doing or something you will do one day in the near future. “Ima do better saving money.”

Ima gets burdened with all those tasks that tend to get put on the back burner to tackle later. It’s usually a task that needs to get done, but you haven’t mustered up enough motivation to get started. Maybe the truth is you’re not too jazzed about starting the task because it seems overwhelming, or quite frankly, you don’t know how to get started. Most tasks require time, focus, and a little foresight.

Have you also entrusted Ima with the responsibility for changes that could impact your health or your career? “Ima start exercising and eating a healthier diet.” “Ima budget better.” “Ima update my resume soon.” “Ima improve my computer skills.” “Ima start looking for a new job.”

Here’s the thing. Ima has a last name: Procrastinate.

Ima has an uncanny way of making you complacent with your current situation. Ima gives you a sense of false security such that once you turn over the task to her, you no longer feel obligated to take charge of the responsibilities they represent, as if just claiming that one day soon you are going to do something somehow satisfies that need and takes you off the hook to actually get started doing it.

It’s time to fire Ima. Today.

It’s time to take back sole responsibility for YOU. Now is the time for you to devise an actual plan on how and when YOU will tackle those tasks — be they great or small – and take charge of making a real difference in your life.

So long, Ima!