There is Another Day After the Day After!

No, I didn’t make this up myself.  It was the title of a sermon that I heard recently. I thought it was so compelling that I had to share it because it is applicable to anyone — whether you are religious or not.

It is my opinion that we are all born innocent. I believe that we become influenced based on how we were raised and the circumstances and experiences that  we encounter throughout our lives. This is what shapes us into being who we are.

Life is not always easy. And for those of us who have been fortunate to have longevity in life, we are mature enough to admit that we  have made many miss steps along the way. Unfortunately, some find it difficult to move past prior mistakes. They get stuck in the past and can’t move forward into their future. They cannot forgive themselves  nor will they allow others too, either.

One thing that is certain is that time does not stand still  nor does it turn back. We can’t change that. But, what we can change is our attitude and our belief in ourselves.  You should feel confident in knowing that no matter how difficult a day  is, it will not last forever. You can rise again!  Move beyond your worst day or days. Do not let your difficult times in your life define who you are.  There will be others who will not want to see you recover or allow you to forget what you’ve done in your previous days. When this happens (and it will) you cannot allow yourself to be dragged down by them. Do not give them the power over you to determine your future days.  You have to know that you are MORE than others give you credit to be even at your worst.

WOYN TIP: You can’t turn back the hands of time, but God can move you to a better time!