When A Whisper Becomes a Roar!

Recently,  I was speaking to  aspiring group of college students.  The topic was finding your IT or what I like to call your intuitive talent.  You know what that is, don’t you? It’s that voice you hear, the tug in your stomach or the tingling feeling you get whenever you do what feels right. That is probaby your IT-calling.  Your inner voice is telling you what you already know, but fear to start. It is the voice of reason that can help navigate us through our daily paths if we follow its leading.

So when that whisper in our heads becomes an actual roar, why do so many of us ignore or second-guess what we hear? If you are someone who has done this  then remember this: Trust yourself.   You are smarter than you give yourself credit for, and that’s is why it is important not to ignore our gut instincts.

For some, they have not experienced a gut feeling or inner voice. Not everyone is in tune with their inner voice and may need a little coachinng to bring out his or her IT.  If this describes you then start by making a list of what brings you happiness.  What experiences have you had that bring you a sense of joy? What activities have you done that leave you feeling happy ? It doesn’t matter how long or how short it is, only that you have take time to identify them.

Work on Your Now by taking time to think if the things that bring you joy are really a part of who you are, or are they a part your purpose and where you really want to go in and with your life.