Your Inner Voice is Your GPS

The Global Positioning System or GPS has become a tool that many of us rely upon. It  helps us determine our next direction when we are trying to navigate from one place to another.  But, no matter how dependent some of us have become on our GPS, there is system (your own), and a set of directions that far surpasses any GPS because this system sets you on a course for life.  I know it may sound crazy, but it’s all about trusting yourself.  If we can trust an instrument to tell us where to go, why not trust our own instincts?

Listening to that inner voice can be your best guide in life, if you let it. Do you remember when you used to take multiple choice tests and something told you that the letter was C but you chose B or A instead?  When the test was returned to you, you found out later that your initial thought was correct? That’s what I’m talking about. Listening to your own GPS — or better yet, your INS.

INS (Internal Navigation System)  is  the  voice that tells you that something is not quite right and that you need to avoid it. INS is the  gut feeling that you get when you feel like you are doing something that feels positive and that you should continue doing it. GPS isn’t always dependable but your INS is something you can always count on.

Never leave your inner voice to chance.  It can be your safest and most direct route in your life’s course. Just trust and let it guide you.

 WOYN TIP: Leave the directions up to the GPS for  your car when you need driving directions. The straightest course is not always guaranteed, but most of the time you will reach your destination – eventually.