New Year – Now What?

Happy New Year! It’s 2019. Cheers! Here’s to the New Year and New Beginnings!

For some of us, we stayed up til midnight to see the New Year come in, and others stayed up to make sure that the old year went away! Each year we have the same amount of days. It’s 365 days no matter what year it is (unless of course it’s Leap Year). The only difference is what we decide to do with our days .

So, what resolutions did you make this year? Setting goals is a great way to gain clarity. However, while goals are good, it’s also important to have realistic expectations and acquire consistent habits that will help you to obtain your goal. If your goal is to make more money this year then you should start off by setting a specific and rational amount you want to achieve and work toward it. It doesn’t matter if your amount is $5,000 or $50,000. Be honest with yourself about what’s feasible and what consistent habits you will need to establish in order for your financial goals to come to fruition. Do you need to save more, work a second job or earn more money by getting a pay raise or applying for a different job that pays more? Basic questions like these are easy to ask yourself but sometimes more difficult to answer without a well thought out plan.

Remember, it’s a New Year! There is plenty of time to make mistakes and start anew! Don’t worry if things don’t go as planned right away. The key is to just set the goal. Be realistic and start the plan. 1)Remember, be honest with yourself and your expectations. 2) Work on starting out with one goal at a time. This will help keep you from getting too distracted or overwhelmed. 3) Track your progress (this will help you stay accountable). 4. Ask for help if you need it. Sometimes it just takes another voice to encourage you and keep you on track!

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019. It’s Your Year! Make it a great one!

Are you are off the grid?

Are you feeling like you know you should be somewhere else, yet you stay right where you are?  You feel stuck but you aren’t quite sure how to move forward? Whether it’s a relationship, a job or even exercise, getting stuck happens to the best of us. But, while getting stuck might be inevitable, staying stuck isn’t.  
Here are some helpful tips for getting unstuck and getting you back on the grid!

1) Find out what is the root that is causing you to feel being stuck? This may not be as easy for some as others. You may need to take an honest look at yourself and your situation and really assess how you got where you are in the first place and what has caused this feeling.

2) Once you figure out that first step, you can begin to think about what you want and what the steps are that you will need to take in order to get you to where you are trying to go. If you are stuck in your job, think about what other resources you can use to help you change jobs or improve the job you are in. Sometimes, when we see opportunities, we don’t take advantage of them. If you know that there is something else that you’d like to inquire about or get more information on, don’t get paralyzed in fear or in the mode of stopping yourself from trying because you are concerned about the possibility of rejection.

3) Lose the feeling that you have to do everything yourself. Connect with someone you trust and who won’t judge you. Seek out a friend, colleague, co-worker, family member or an accountability partner who you feel comfortable with in bouncing ideas off on and getting another perspective on the direction you want to go in. Sometimes, just getting another person’s take on a situation can open possibilities or help move us in directions that we never thought of.

4) Start a plan to incorporate things of more that you enjoy doing. Often, taking time out for yourself gives you a different perspective and allows you to think clearly. Take time for a “Me Day.” Whatever that entails, you need to spend the time on really taking stock of what you think you want. Or, try just doing something that you enjoy and then come back to thinking about how you will develop the plan to get “unstuck” later.

5) Get involved with a networking or business group where like-minded women come together for positive and uplifting discussions to help one another. Connect with the ones you feel that you have the most in common with and be open-minded to gain new perspectives and introspection.

Feeling stuck can be a sign that you need a change. You may need a short-term change or a long-term one. As you go through the steps of figuring out what you need to change, try not to become frustrated. Embrace your feelings that it’s time for something different. More importantly, take the time to figure out what that “something different” looks like to you.

Who You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You!

How did that last job interview go? Or better yet, how many jobs have you applied for online and you haven’t heard a reply back? Does it seem as if you were rejected as soon as you hit the send button?

What you don’t know about the post-interview process CAN hurt you. So, listen up.

Sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know

It’s a fact. Those referrals are the most cost-effective and effective methods to hiring a strong candidate.  When you get an opportunity, poll several people who have been working at their jobs for a significant amount of time. Ask them how they got the job. You may be surprised that they were referred.

I was at a restaurant one day and overheard a conversation between a young unemployed lawyer who was talking to a seasoned lawyer.  It was amazing as to how many leads this young attorney received. She also received tips on how to interview with some of the tops firms she was interested in.  By the time their meeting was over, this person was armed with contacts, recommendations, and a list of referrals. If everyone had that type of headstart, imagine how many people could successfully get hired!

Not everyone is as lucky to meet a helpful mentor.  Here’s  a little insight as to why you may not have received any call backs yet regarding your last interview.

1. Just don’t have time

It’s hard to believe that this can be a reason that a recruiter has not gotten back with a candidate. After all, it’s their job to find the right person for the job.  But, sometimes if you are one of the first candidates to be interviewed, you can slip through the cracks because there were other candidates that came after you that were more memorable, or the interview process is so lengthy that they don’t come back to the initial candidates who interviewed.  Another possibility is that the job does not need to be filled right away. Yes, I agree, it would be nice for them to let you know that, but that’s rarely if ever the case.

In any case, the employer has extra time to go through the hiring process and might get back to you…eventually.

2. You were rejected

This may happen often and you don’t even know it because there are no calls or emails.  Things just go dead and leave you wondering what happened.

If your gut tells you that you probably didn’t get the job after a few weeks of waiting, then go with your gut.  Just keep up the process. Something should eventually come through if you are resourceful and diligent.

3. Legal concerns may be justified

Many people will use any excuse to have grounds for a lawsuit. So this is another reason why you may not be getting a call to let you know that you weren’t hired.  It’s easier for the company not to contact and void possible questions about why you weren’t hired.  It’s not fair, but times have changed and this standard appears to be more of the norm.


4. Radio silence probably means goodbye

Sometimes you get lucky and have a hiring manager provide you with feedback.  But to avoid getting into answering any follow-up questions many avoid all communication. This radio silence can prevent them from potentially getting into unforeseen trouble or possibly taking the chance of offending someone. If by chance a hiring manager did offer a reason as to why you weren’t hired, they might fear that you’ll contact them again with more questions.

To avoid having that line of communication—and potentially getting into trouble—the interviewer may go radio silent for future questions. If you’ve experienced any of these examples, you cannot allow yourself to sit and ponder about why employers have not responded to your job interviews.  Taking this sort of behavior personally will not be beneficial for you as you continue your job search.  Stay positive and believe in yourself. Know that your dream job is out there waiting for you to find it!





Stop Dreaming and Start Scheming

Yeah! It’s Friday and you know what I’m talking about!  You think about this day before the week even  ends on Sunday, and you count down every day until that fifth day of the week finally arrives! So Friday is here — again. Now, what are you going to  differently? You know you want something more than the 40-hour a week gig you’ve been working on for  far too long.  You’ve been imagining yourself doing something bigger and better since you started working there, but somehow life has kept getting in the way. Now, here you are _____years  later and you still aren’t where you thought you would be!

So, now is the the time for you to STOP dreaming and START scheming. That’s right.  Dreams happen when you are asleep!  And now you are in desperate need of a wake-up call.  Here are a few tips to get you scheming  this Friday. Give yourself  this quick self-evaluation by asking yourself the following:

  1. What opportunities do you have right in front of  you that you have been taking for granted?
  2. Are you about to pass up an opportunity of a lifetime without even realizing it?
  3. Is it time for you to create your own opportunity? If so, what does that look like?

Be thoughtful in your answers. Write them down and begin to build upon  increasing your chances of improving your current work situation.  Remember Friday is  7 more days away! Now get to scheming!


All Talk and No Action

This is probably one of my personal biggest pet peeves. I’m a big believer in doing what you say you are going to do. I know that life happens and we are not always able to do things as planned. But, that’s not what I get peeved about. I’m talking about the doers vs. the do-nothings. The action-takers vs. the excuse-makers. These are the women who talk about what all they plan to do and never have a plan to actually execute on it. They talk, talk, talk and talk to the point where you just want to say, “I hear ya, but WHEN are you going to actually DO IT?”

They say:
“I’m gonna quit my job and work somewhere else.”
“I’m gonna start paying down that debt I owe.”
“I’m gonna start that business I always wanted.”
I’m gonna set aside enough money to retire early.
“I’m gonna take that vacation I’ve always wanted. ”
“I’m gonna buy that new car.”
“I’m gonna ask for a raise.”
“I’m gonna start my New Year’s Resolution.”

It’s all SOUNDS good, but Really? When are you GONNA make this happen?

There’s the rub. It’s like a 24-7 mantra.I’m gonna, I’m gonna…This typically ends with One day when I _____ (You Fill in the blank).

Okay, so now that I’ve gotten my rant out of the way. Let’s talk about our mindset. It has to change. It’s a simple two-word process. Just take the word GONNA out of your sentence and replace it with I AM. So, now the sentence reads: I AM quitting my job. I AM paying down that debt I owe. Do you see the difference? You are living in the NOW! And the more you have this type of thinking, the more you will get things accomplished. It’s like a switch going off in your brain. You are telling yourself that you are ALREADY doing it and day by day, you will. It may not be completed in a short time frame, but with the right attitude –and a plan, it will happen.

Anything can sound good, but what really counts is when it goes from just talking about making something happen to actually making it happen.

Join Working on your Now on Saturday, April 23 as we delve more into topics just like this one. Check out the details on the site.

Is Your Job, Work?

Ask yourself: Do I love my job so much that I would do it even if I didn’t get paid?  Or does this quote sound like something you would say?  There’s a reason why they call it work, if it were fun or easy it would be labeled accordingly.

If you answered  NO to the first question and YES  to the second, then  according to  a new Gallup poll, you are among the 70 percent of the American’s who are disengaged at work.

These days it appears that an ample paycheck and a feeling of fulfillment doesn’t seem to mesh. As a matter of fact, despite the fact that most people spend at least 40 hours a week at work, only 39% said they feel fulfilled by what they do.

How committed are you to your job? In the good old days it was normal to get a job in your early 20’s and work there for 40 years. But now it seems many employees are frustrated and willing to jump ship if something better comes along. Long time loyalty is now a thing of the past.

If you are not happy, then what are you going to do about it? Perhaps the reason why some people stay unhappy is because they have a fear of stepping out of their comfort zone. So they stay put and continue to do the same thing over and over again and end up achieving the same results.

So who exactly is engaged at work? You? According to the poll, it’s the employees who are actively engaged like the traditionalists, executives, managers, and officers. In other words the people who are involved with the decision making process.

Think about where your position lies within the order of your organization or corporation.  Are you a decision maker?  Does your position impact people in a positive way? Do you find satisfaction in knowing that every day you go to work you are accomplishing your purpose and a mission that you believe in?  If you believe that you are a part of an organization that is in alignment with your beliefs and personal goals then you are doing well and you have more than just a job. You have a feeling of accomplishment and sense of purpose. But, if that does not describe your current situation,  then perhaps your job is just work and it’s time that you find something that far exceeds that.



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