Uncover Your Now!

Are you someone who likes to be in control? What happens when your plans don’t go the way you want them to? Remember, you cannot control the outcome of everything. But, you can remain flexible.

Believe it or not, sometimes things are not as difficult as they may appear. If you take a step back and evaluate where you are and where you are trying to go, you may find that the answers that you have searching for are right in front of you!

Answer the questions below and see if you have possibilities that you may not have uncovered yet.

  1. Am I making the most out of my opportunities, or taking them for granted that they will always be there?
  2. Do I think I have had or I am having an experience that can lead to an opportunity?
  3. Do I recognize an opportunity when I see one, and can the opportunity lead me to my purpose?

More Ways to Uncover…

Enlist Help  – Get some assistance to help you stay accountable to make sure you stay on task. Yes, you can do whatever you set your mind to do. But, the task can be a whole lot smoother and easier when you have someone else to help and encourage you.

Be Flexible – Change is inevitable.  We may not always like it, but we must learn to embrace it. Understand that flexibility is the key to having a  successful plan.

Walk the Talk – Saying one thing and doing something else is counterproductive.  You may think it sounds impressive when you constantly talk about what you want. But, when others realize that you’ve been saying the same thing for years and have not progressed toward action, you lose creditability.

In 2018 practice what you preach.  Don’t just walk to walk. Get direction and map out where you’re going.  Don’t just talk the talk.  Listen. Learn. Speak up and speak out with intention. Lastly, put your action in front of it!

Now is definitely your time to start Working On Your Now!


What’s Your Story?

I just finished reading a lovely book about the magical Waverley women*. If you are a Waverley, you are odd but have a talent that borders on the magical. The Matteson men in the story are prominent business leaders while the Young’s are known for their physical strength. It is a source of pride for some, rebellion for others, but the stories about these families are long-lived and well-known. It makes it easy to know where everyone stands.
Of course, not everyone is ever any one thing all the time and certainly all members of a family aren’t the same. It is interesting the myths that can surround people or families, and it reminded me of a woman who approached me after one of my presentations. She told me how her father always talked about the “Smith family money curse.” The curse being that every time they got a little ahead, something came along to wipe out the reserves. The woman had heard the stories so often that she, and everyone, just believed that their family couldn’t get ahead. (Of course, the other way to view this is that they are fortunate to have extra resources in a time of trouble, but that’s a different blog!)
The interesting thing is the stories. The stories hold the power and can shape our beliefs. What stories are told about your family, both your immediate family and your family of origin? In particular, what money stories surround you and your people? Was grandpa known as someone “with the Midas touch” or maybe someone who had “a hole in his pocket?” Maybe great-grandma was a financial whiz who was ahead of her time (and hopefully handed down this great skill to her kids and grandkids.)
Stories can be powerful because they create beliefs. Those beliefs will take on a life of their own if our faith in them is strong enough. The big question is whether those beliefs are serving you and moving you in a positive direction. If they are, facts don’t really matter. Cling to those stories: “yes, I have grandpa’s Midas touch.” Go with it! If the beliefs are not so great and are holding you back, let’s dig for facts and start dispelling the myth. Even if grandpa had a “hole in his pocket,” you can carefully examine your own pockets and shore up all those seams! It is your choice. Just as the Smith daughter made the choice not to participate in the Smith family money curse, you can choose which part of the family lore you’d like to own and which you can leave to the mists of time.

To your financial stories and the success they may bring,


*First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen (but read Garden Spells first as you’ll want to meet the Waverley’s properly.) These are perfect books for a cold day when curling up with a blanket, a cup of tea, and a great book are a perfect escape from the drudgery of your to-do list.

Not my circus, Not my monkeys!

It’s okay to know what you DON’T WANT. However, it’s also important to intentionally shift your thinking to what you DO WANT because believe it or not, the thoughts and words that we choose to express ourselves will gradually shape the core of our identity and destiny.

This can be very powerful when you think about how negative words can hurt you, but positive words never will.   Your words may not be the cause all of your problems, but they can cause a lot of them and they should be given a good deal of consideration when we are looking for answers to the problems we encounter in life.

Today, really think about challenging yourself. Every time you want to say or think something negative, try replacing those thoughts and words with positive alternatives.  Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that we truly don’t want to be in and we wonder what we did to get ourselves into that predicament.  Often times,  we know the end result will not be a positive one even before the situation plays out.  But, we get engaged anyway and end up kicking ourselves later for when everything inside of us is telling us to move in the opposite direction.

So, this brings me to how I came up with the title of this blog. The title is a Polish Proverb.  Think about this: The next time you feel yourself being pulled into other people’s drama that may  include being a part of  negative relationships, unflattering conversations or anything that is not of good will for you personally, I want you to repeat these words: “Not my circus, not my monkeys.”  It may sound a little crazy (and even bring you a giggle or two) but the goal is for you to make the mind shift you need when you know you need to go in a new direction but are not quite sure how.   Repeat, repeat, repeat!  “Not my circus, not my monkeys!”  Now, go forth and be the woman you were created to be!

Shut ‘Em Down!


Karma. I love it! Especially when I’m fortunate enough to see it come back around to someone who deserves it.   The funny thing about karma is that you don’t know where or when it will come back. But, if you are lucky enough to witness it, it’s the best front seat to have while viewing that person get shut down right before your eyes!

The Incident

Many years ago, I was hired at a major PR firm. Each day I enjoyed working with different clients. But, I worked with an insecure micro manager. This, I didn’t enjoy. From the very beginning, my work was revised, rewritten, discussed and scrutinized.  Prior to joining the firm, I was a Public Information Officer for the Fulton County Library System in Atlanta, where I wrote news articles and press releases.  There was never a problem then. So, why was everything I did a problem now?  I found myself watching the clock every morning until it was time to go in the evening.  The job that I thought was going to be my dream job, turned out to be a job that I wish I could wake up from and never return.

The Breaking Point

Almost two years had gone by and I was called into the managing director’s office.  And there it was. His speech was cloaked in I’m sorry…  I hate to tell you this… we really wanted you, but. The underlying message really was: I couldn’t write. How was that even possible? I had written mayoral candidate speeches, press releases that turned into newspaper articles, and proposals that won business for this firm. And now, I’m being told that I could not write? I was given 30 days to find another job. This was a very liberal gesture and I appreciated the ramp up. I found a job that I really liked with a major airline and worked there for ten years before I started my own company.

Karma Finally Came

For about two years after I left the PR firm, I began to experience great satisfaction and success in play-writing.    I did all of my own publicity and landed articles in several local newspapers and was interviewed by one major radio and television station. I remember  getting a call from the LA Times asking if the play was going to Broadway (yes, my press release was that good). They wouldn’t cover my play because it was local, but told me if it made it to Broadway to give them a call back.  That was the best compliment I could have received from a major newspaper.  But that wasn’t the karma.

Several weeks later I was on an airplane seated in first class (working for an airline had its perks) and the managing director that I worked for at the PR firm was walking past me heading toward coach. ( I must admit that I got a big kick out of that visual.)  I tapped him on the arm and the look on his face was priceless. “Hi Lori, it’s good to see you! I’ve been reading a lot about you lately.” I smiled and said, “Thank you.”Then I looked at him square between his eyes and said, ” I guess I can really write after all!  Enjoy the flight!”  Karma.  Don’t you just love it?







It Just Wasn’t What You Thought …

Have you ever wished for something so badly and then when you  finally  got it,  it wasn’t at all what you thought it would be ?

The reality of this happens to many of us during  different  stages in our life.  The trade-off from entrepreneurship to employee is one of the hardest decisions that a business owner can make. Graduating from college and  discovering that the degree you received has not helped you  excel in your career can make you feel like you are going in reverse .  You can feel more frustrated when the  area of work you are in has nothing to do with your major.  Want to get married and or raise a family? You see other couples together and they make it look so appealing. But when it finally happens to  you, you’re are stunned that  being a wife, mother ( and career woman) is a lot more than you ever could imagine even in your wildest of dreams!

When we were  teenagers we couldn’t  wait to become adults. When we finally did, we realized  our  responsibilities far exceeded the freedom and fun that we longed for when we finally became independent. As an adult, we look back on the mistakes we made when we were younger and  wish we knew then what we know now.  These thoughts have us convinced that  our lives would be so much easier, richer and less complicated if we had a chance to do it all over again(or so it seems).

Taking a look at other people’s lives or situations often times makes us take a look at ourselves and  make comparisons. Some may even wish they were in a different place or in a  different time.  But the truth is, no one really knows what it took for that person to get to where she or he is.  For some, if they knew the journey and the struggles that others had to endure to achieve success, many  would not want to make the same sacrifices.

The funny thing is, all of us have an opportunity to be where we want to be in our lifetime. Yes, it’s easier for some and more difficult for others. Staying focused, having  faith, doing the  work and believing in yourself is only half the battle.  The other half  is being committed to the goal,  making the necessary sacrifices, not worrying about what others say or think about you and having a realistic set of expectations  of your end-goal.  You can get there, but you have to be ready.  And when you finally do get there, ask yourself: Will you be grateful? Or will you  still be unsatisfied because what you finally  accomplished still isn’t  what you thought it would be?

Stop Dreaming and Start Scheming

Yeah! It’s Friday and you know what I’m talking about!  You think about this day before the week even  ends on Sunday, and you count down every day until that fifth day of the week finally arrives! So Friday is here — again. Now, what are you going to  differently? You know you want something more than the 40-hour a week gig you’ve been working on for  far too long.  You’ve been imagining yourself doing something bigger and better since you started working there, but somehow life has kept getting in the way. Now, here you are _____years  later and you still aren’t where you thought you would be!

So, now is the the time for you to STOP dreaming and START scheming. That’s right.  Dreams happen when you are asleep!  And now you are in desperate need of a wake-up call.  Here are a few tips to get you scheming  this Friday. Give yourself  this quick self-evaluation by asking yourself the following:

  1. What opportunities do you have right in front of  you that you have been taking for granted?
  2. Are you about to pass up an opportunity of a lifetime without even realizing it?
  3. Is it time for you to create your own opportunity? If so, what does that look like?

Be thoughtful in your answers. Write them down and begin to build upon  increasing your chances of improving your current work situation.  Remember Friday is  7 more days away! Now get to scheming!


What are you giving up?

This week many people set their focus on the beginnings of the Lenten season – a time for fasting and introspection, a time for focusing on one’s religion and relationship with the Divine. It begins on Ash Wednesday and covers a period of approximately six weeks before Easter Sunday.

Additionally, many try to be more disciplined for Lent and pledge to give up something that they really like to show their commitment to their religious journey.  This week many of my friends have vowed to give up a certain food, like sweets or soda. Others have targeted certain vices like cursing or drinking…some even plan to give up social media, which has become a distraction or fixation for them.

Some people find the season a good time to reboot the diet they tried to begin at the onset of the New Year and give up fattening foods in an effort to reignite that diet. Unfortunately, those same people might find that the things they love to indulge in are just too hard to give up; so early in the season, they slip up once again and find themselves back to the very beginning before their pledge was made.

They just give up.

But a lot of people give up other things. The wrong things. And they choose to give up at the wrong time.

Have you been dreaming of making a big change in your life? Have you been pursuing a goal? Is there a special project at work you want to talk to your boss about taking on? Are you in the middle of a new job search? How have those plans for that small entrepreneurial venture been going? Are you still contemplating getting that fitness instructor’s certificate? Have you been saving to go back to school to take a few extra courses or start working on that new degree? Are you trying to buy a new car or invest in property?

American billionaire Ross Perot was quoted as saying, “Most people give up just when they’re about to achieve success. They quit on the one-yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game, one foot from a winning touchdown.”

You dreamed of how it would be once you made that change. You started making plans on how to achieve that goal. You enthusiastically started working towards it at full speed. But something happens. You had a minor set-back. You got discouraged.

Then you hear it. That small, little voice in your head that convinces you to stop. So you stop. You put those goals, those plans on the back-burner? Or even worse, that voice convinces you to give up?

You just give up.

So during this season of introspection, while you contemplate all those things you wish to give up, identify at this time those things you are trying to give up on about yourself, but should NOT — our dreams, your goals, your aspirations?

Don’t give up on yourself.



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