No One Will Ever Owe Me Money Again!

That’s right. I have vowed to no longer be the friendly ATM or the interim loan officer. I’m done. And here’s why: My experience has shown me that there are three types of borrowers.

Borrower #1 is the person who says they will pay you back and actually does.
Borrower #2 is the person who has the best intentions of paying you back, but runs into struggles along the way. However, they do pay…eventually.
Borrower #3 is the person who says they will pay you back, but they know they never will (and you learn a life lesson in the process).

After experiencing Borrower #2 and #3 once too many times, I have made some new rules:
Rule #1 When I have the money, and someone needs to borrow some, I will give what I can.
Rule #2 The money I give may not be the total sum the person is asking for. However, the amount will be more than what they have, and they can find someone else to borrow the remainder.
Rule #3 When I do give the money, I won’t expect it in return.

Why do I have these rules?

Because I have set the same expectations of others that I have placed on myself and it has driven me crazy. I’ve learned from my experiences that it is not fair to me, nor is it fair to others when I place the same set of standards on them, as I do on myself. I’ve learned that their values are not mine. The same high bar that I set for myself is just that — my bar. No one owes me anything. But, I owe myself everything. Whatever it takes for me to adjust my own attitude and my thoughts is what I will do to avoid getting myself annoyed at people who do not follow through on their word.

I have the power. I will not release it to someone else again, especially over money. They say money is power, but I say people are more powerful. What we tell ourselves about ourselves is power. How we choose to view things can give us power. How we choose to react to situations that annoy us gives us the power, as well. So here is the power I have given myself when it comes to someone borrowing from me. I choose to give and not to lend.
So, no more rants. No more complaints. No more aggravations. It’s simple. I expect nothing in return. And no one will ever owe me money again. I can live with that!

Are You Busy with Things that Matter?

Everyone seems to always be busy. The universal saying is “There never seems to be enough time in the day.” Well, believe it or not twenty-four hours is a very long time. If someone asked you to be still for twenty-four hours then your first response would probably be this:  “That’s too long!”  How about twenty-four hours of driving, walking, running, standing, sitting or lying in bed? Twenty-four hours doesn’t seem too short now, does it?

Twenty-four hours is the same amount of time in everyone’s day. The difference is  what you choose to do with your twenty-four hours. Do you whittle it away by wasting your time on things that really don’t matter? Or do you  use each hour of every day purposefully for doing the things that are important in your life?

So the next time you start your day, think about all of the things that can be accomplished in twenty-four hours.  When it really comes down to it, how much time per day do you really need to do  the things that really matter?

WOYN Tip: When we prioritize the things that matter, we can make the time for what is really important. The other stuff can be put off until the next twenty-four hours.


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