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Episode 3: Podcast with Patty Binns Farinola

Get  in touch with your inner strengths and understand your true authenticity with Patty Farinola.  Patty gives a real perspective on what it means to be spiritual, to live your own truth and find your purpose.
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Episode 2: Golf Women Mean Business with Patrina King

If you ever wondered what the mystique was about the golf course and why so many deals are done on the course, listen to Founder and CEO Patrina King of Golf Women Business. Patrina talks about how she turned down over 36 golf scholarships and…

Episode 1: What’s Your Money Story?- Tana Gildea

You've read her financial blogs on WOYN and now you get an opportunity to actually listen to the advice Tana gives and why she is so good at what she does! Tana admits she's made all of the money mistakes and she's written a book about it to…